Intoxicated Love

Bethany has had her fair share of bad relationships in the past to the point where all she wants to do is party and have her one night stands that she doesn't even remember. But when she moves to England after she graduates, and meets Harry Styles, will that all change?

*Includes mentions of self harm, sex scenes, alcohol, drugs, and cursing.*


23. Writing Songs

When I got home, I pulled out my guitar and started to think about Bethany and everything I knew about her, which…for the record, is a lot. The first thing that popped into my head was how she wasn’t afraid of anything. She would fight and MMA fighter given the chance without second guessing herself, or even training. She could laugh through an entire horror movie, she could…she could do anything she set her mind to…except love. She couldn’t love someone. That was the one thing she was afraid of; love.

I started playing the guitar, putting notes with words and writing them down as I went so I could make sense of it all. As soon as I got the chance, I would play this for Bethany but…I didn’t know when that would be.



After Brandon and I finished our coffee, we went to the park so he could teach me to skate. I had always thought it was attractive for guys to do and utterly adorable when a guy teaches a girl. When we got to the park however, I saw Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam…but not Harry.

“Hey; Bethany!” I saw Niall waving at me, so I waved back.

“Who are they?” Brandon asked me.

“A few friends of mine.” Brandon nodded as they all came running over to me, giving me one giant hug.

“Where’s Harry?” I asked.

“He went to run to the café down the street to grab us all some water.”

“I just left the café and he wasn’t there…” I said slowly. All the boys looked at each other and Louis groaned.

“We should probably go home and check on him.” Louis said slowly.

“Is he okay? Did something happen to him?”

“We have to explain later…” Zayn called as they all ran to Louis’ car.

“One Direction, right?” Brandon asked, making me laugh.

“Don’t you pick up quickly?” I said, patting his chest.

“Well…I don’t really listen to their music. I just recognize their faces from my sisters’ wall. How do you know them?”

“I crashed a party they were at; we’ve been friends ever since.”

“Wow…aren’t you cool?” I laughed and shoved Brandon, making him laugh. “Are you ready to learn?” I nodded my head enthusiastically as Brandon begun to teach me how to skate.



“HARRY?! ARE YOU HERE?!” I heard the boys calling for me throughout the house.

“UPSTAIRS!” I called from my room. They came running in and saw the papers all over my room with my tear stains on them.

“What is all this…?” Liam asked slowly.

“A song I wrote about Bethany…” I whispered. They started picking up the papers and reading them over.

“This is actually really good…” Zayn said.

“Really?” I whispered.

“Yeah; you should sing it to her.” Zayn said, nodding his head.

“I couldn’t…she would run away…”

“How do you know?” Louis asked.  

“Because…when I went to the café, I saw her kissing some other guy…”

“That would explain why you never showed back up at the park…” Liam whispered. I nodded my head as the tears came flooding back, remembering what I had saw.

“Why does she do this to me?”

“Because you love her, mate.” Louis said, patting my knee.

“You’ll sing it for her mate; at some point…you will. You have to or she’s never going to know.” Niall said. I nodded, unsure of what to say anymore. They boys picked up the papers and placed them on my nightstand and left me alone with my thoughts. Why did I have to love someone so complex? Why did I have to be in love with my best friend? Why does love have to hurt so much?  

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