Intoxicated Love

Bethany has had her fair share of bad relationships in the past to the point where all she wants to do is party and have her one night stands that she doesn't even remember. But when she moves to England after she graduates, and meets Harry Styles, will that all change?

*Includes mentions of self harm, sex scenes, alcohol, drugs, and cursing.*


27. Safe

The next day, I went to where I got my cell phone and got all of Harry’s information blocked and deleted from my phone. I’m sure they all thought I was insane since I was crying as this happened, but I couldn’t help it.

“Miss, are you okay?” One of the workers asked me before I could get out of the store.

“No sir…” I shook my head and looked at the ground, almost ashamed to look at him.

“Well, would you like to talk?”

“No…you’d tell me it’s all bad and unhealthy; I’ve heard it all before.”

“Are you sure, miss?”

“I’m sure; thank you though.” I looked up to see him nod then I scurried out of the store. I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes, only to see Harry walking down the street with the boys. I started panicking and ran down an alley way so I could avoid him. I watched as they passed, laughing and joking with each other. I sighed and smiled, closing my eyes, and reliving all our memories together.

Once I didn’t hear their voices anymore, I slowly made my way out to see them surrounded by a few hundred girls. I used this as my get away to a taxi t o take me back to my flat. I pushed tears back the whole way, trying not to embarrass myself for a second time that day. That was the last thing I needed today.

“Hey babe; where were you?” Bradie asked me. I looked up from the floor and almost fell over from surprise.

“I was…out running some errands.” I said quickly. Bradie raised an eyebrow and I looked back down.

“You’re hiding something from me…”

“I wouldn’t do that.” I whispered.

“That’s total bullshit; you may be a good liar but when it comes to me, you suck. What’s going on?”

“I just…I don’t feel up to talking about it quite yet.”

“Okay…” Bradie said after a long pause. “Do you want anything; soup, tea…?”

“I’ll take some tea in my room.” I whispered, making my way to my room.

“Okay.” Bradie said sadly as she made her way to the kitchen. I felt bad making her do this for me, but I knew I couldn’t do it myself. I wasn’t even capable of standing anymore.

Once I got to my room, I turned the TV on to a Friends marathon and curled up into my blankets and sunk into my pillows. When Bradie walked in with my tea, she joined me and we cuddled together in silence as we watched the show.

I knew she wanted to know what was going on so she could help me. I could just tell by how she kept glancing back at me throughout the show and commercials. I never gave in though, since I didn’t have the guts to tell her what Brandon was doing to me. I knew what she would say and I didn’t want to hear it; not yet anyway.

Around dinner time, Bradie ordered Chinese takeout, we ate in my bed, and then we passed out in each others’ arms. It was the first time I finally felt safe in a long while.

I finally felt safe. 

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