Intoxicated Love

Bethany has had her fair share of bad relationships in the past to the point where all she wants to do is party and have her one night stands that she doesn't even remember. But when she moves to England after she graduates, and meets Harry Styles, will that all change?

*Includes mentions of self harm, sex scenes, alcohol, drugs, and cursing.*


11. Maybe I Want You



When I landed in Italy, I was picked up in my car and brought straight to the hotel where they had all the models staying. My agent was meeting me here later because she couldn’t catch the same flight as I had. I was unpacking when I got a call from Aaron.

“Hello?” I mumbled as I pressed the phone to my shoulder.

“Hey babe, you home?” I smiled at the sound of his slurred words.



“I’m in Italy for work until next Saturday.”

“Damnit…what am I supposed to do until then?!”

“I don’t know…bang Danny?” Aaron started laughing, making me smile. His laugh was deep but at the same time, very calming.

“I would, but he’s off banging some blonde chick in the back room.” I giggled and stopped packing for a minute. I sat down on my bed and leaned back. “So where do you work that you need to be in Italy until Saturday?”

“I work for a modeling agency- I have a runway show.”


“Thanks.” I said, still smiling. I hadn’t realized it until now, but I had wanted Aaron to call me. I wanted to hear his voice, hear him talk to me…I missed how he was able to make me feel.

“Yeah, sure.”

“When I get back, do you want to hang out or something?” I asked suddenly. I heard Aaron laugh again, making me both smile and blush.

“Did the girl who said we can’t actually hang out until she gets more used to me; ask to hang out with me? Did I get that right?” Aaron said sassily.

“Oh don’t let it go to your head.” I said, rolling my eyes, trying to play it off coolly.

“Too late…I’m thinking that you want something more than no-strings-attached, little Miss Bethany.”

“Shut up Aaron, I do not!” I demanded.

“Yeah you can defend yourself all you want, it won’t change anything.” I knew Aaron was finding joy in this since I did say we couldn’t just be friends, but…maybe I wanted something a little more from him; maybe I wanted what every other girl has…a perfect relationship. 

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