Intoxicated Love

Bethany has had her fair share of bad relationships in the past to the point where all she wants to do is party and have her one night stands that she doesn't even remember. But when she moves to England after she graduates, and meets Harry Styles, will that all change?

*Includes mentions of self harm, sex scenes, alcohol, drugs, and cursing.*


29. Intoxicated Love

When I woke up, my mouth felt sticky and gross and my head was still dizzy. I moved my head slightly and saw myself in the mirror. I was bruised all over my face and my arm was in a sling. I tried to shift, but yelped in pain before I could even attempt to sit my ass up. I sighed and let my body sink itself back into the bed. I tried to gather memories of everything that had happened but all I could remember is Harry trying to help me and Brandon hitting him. I knew that Brandon was an abusive ass, but never in a million years did I think he would hit my best friend…or whatever he was at this point seeing as he probably hated my guts now.
“Look whose awake…” I tried to turn my head, but only shrieked in pain. “Yeah, try not to move darling.” A nurse came into my view and sighed, wishing it was Harry or Bradie, even though they both probably hated me.
“I’d rather not talk or be talked to.” I whispered.
“I’d say that’s okay, but someone is here to talk to you. After that, I’ll make sure no one but the nurses and doctors enter.” I tried to nod but still couldn’t move my head.
“And there’s my neighbor.” I still couldn’t move my head so waited until the man came into view.
“Excuse me? Who are you?” I asked partially tired like and partially sassy like.
“I’m your neighbor.”
“I don’t have a neighbor.”
“Well I’ve been your neighbor for a bit now…”
“Oh…okay.” I wanted to look away but as I’ve mentioned, I couldn’t move.
“My name is Officer Bradley.”
“Great, more fucking cops.” I sighed, getting angry.
“Can you at least hear me out?”
“Not really like I have a fucking choice.”
“Bethany, look, I know this kid and he isn’t…”
“I don’t fucking care what you have to say about Brandon.”
“How about my daughter than?”
“What does this have to do with your daughter?” I snapped, getting pissed off.
“She was in a relationship like you and Brandon have now once.”
“Good for her.”
“Not really.”
“Why the fuck should I care? She isn’t me, she won’t be me, and she never will be me. So I don’t care and I’m sick and tired of people telling me it’s bad because the more people who say that, the longer I’m going to fucking stay.”
“You know what…you are right. She never will be you. For the simple fact that the boyfriend she was with that was like Brandon murdered her.” I went quiet immediately and the cop stood up and walked out, looking hurt.
There was so much wrong with me. And it all started and ended with Brandon.

“Is she awake yet?” Bradie asked as her nurse reappeared.
“Can we see her?” Bradie asked, kind of confused.
“No ma’am.”
“Why not?” I asked, jumping in.
“She said she didn’t want to see anyone and did not want anyone to enter her room.”
“But…it’s us!” Bradie exclaimed.
“I just follow orders from the patient to an extent and that’s one I can follow.”
“But does she know we’re here?” I asked, feeling sad.
“I don’t know. I didn’t ask her.”
“Can you ask her?” Bradie asked, clearly getting annoyed.
“When I go back, yes. She isn’t the only patient I have today. Now please take a seat.” The nurse said sassily before walking off. Bradie and I sighed, sitting back down when we saw Bradie’s and Bethany’s neighbor walking down the hall, looking defeated.
“Did you see Bethany?!” Bradie asked, shooting out of her chair.
“Yes, I did.”
“And?! How is she?! Is she going to press charges?” Bradie asked at a million miles a minute.
“I couldn’t tell you. She wouldn’t talk to me. I could barely get a word out without her pushing everything to the side.”
“So did she finally shut the fuck up?” I asked, not surprised she did that to him.
“Yeah; when I told her my daughter was murdered. But…I left right after….” He was about to continue when all of a sudden there were alarms and nurses screaming code red and a room number.
“I hope whoever that I, they’re okay.” I said, worried for whoever the person was since there were about eleven people running to the room.
“Harry, Bradie…” The cop started, causing us both to look back at him. “That’s Bethany’s room.” I looked at Bradie and immediately we went running to her room after the nurses with Officer Bradley right behind us.
We were trying to get into the room but there were so many people screaming, yelling, calling out orders, running in and out with supplies, we couldn’t hear a single thing. It wasn’t until someone moved half an inch and I saw them trying to get her heart beating again.
“What are you kids doing in here?!” Someone finally screamed.
“They’re with me.” Bradie and I both turned and saw Officer Bradley there, escorting us into the room, next to her bed…or at least as close as we could get with all the commotion.
I was looking around frantically, following everyone as they moved around when my eye finally was caught on something shimmery. I stooped down and picked it up. It was a piece of metal and a piece of paper attached to it. I slowly unfolded it, realizing the piece of metal was from a necklace that Brandon had given her awhile back when they were actually happy and she wasn’t being abused.
I didn’t want him to hurt me
I looked over at Officer Bradley and pulled on his sleeve, trying to get his attention. When he finally looked at me, he saw worry go over my face.
“Are there cops watching his room…?” I asked over the commotion.
“There should be…” He grabbed the note from my hands, and rushed to where Brandon’s room would be.

Officer Bradley:
I was rushing to Brandon’s room, hoping the kid hadn’t gotten away again. That would throw me over the fucking edge.
When I got to the room, I pushed the door open to see and empty hospital bed and an open window with a piece of metal that seemed to fit with the one Harry had found with the note. I suddenly got very angry and stormed back to Bethany’s room. Harry and Bradie were both still there and things had begun to die down since they had gotten her breathing again. I pushed through the nurses and looked at her neck.
“Excuse me, nurse?” The main nurse and a doctor walked over to my side.
“Is there an issue officer?”
“These are new strangulation marks.” I pointed out. They leaned in closer and started to feel her neck and looked at each other. “And patient Brandon has escaped through the window of his room. I just checked his room.” All of a sudden, I was warped into something totally different, leaving Bradie and Harry behind with no answers.

“Did you hear all that…?” Bradie asked after abut ten minutes of pure stunned silence.
“Yeah…” I said quietly, unable to form any other words. I looked down at Bethany and started to cry. She looked so dead but so peaceful…happy almost; happy to have finally escaped his wrath even though it was only in sleep. “Can I have a minute with her alone?” I asked, trying to choke back tears.
“Of course, Haz.” Bradie touched my arm softly before leaving me alone with Bethany.
After Bradie left the room, I just looked at Bethany breathe softly for a few seconds before I finally made my way over to her bed. I sat down on the edge, careful not to touch her before breaking out in tears and falling down next to her, holding her whole body to me.
“I understand it now, Bethany…we only had an intoxicated love…I understand now…you only loved me then…I’m sorry I said anything and thought you felt the same, I’m sorry I scared you off and into other guy’s arms, I’m sorry I did this to you…” I cried into her hair. “I’m so sorry…” I breathed into her hair, letting every tear I had out on her neck, shoulders, and hair. “It was only an intoxicated love and I’m sorry…I’m sorry…” I couldn’t stop crying on her. It was like everything I ever wanted to say to her was pouring out of me now and it was like word vomit; I couldn’t stop saying how I felt, what I wanted to tell her, even if it was just about bullshit, what she’s missed since we stopped talking, everything…including that I loved her. I made sure to tell her everything, in case in some world…in some way…she was listening to me. I needed to tell her everything this time. There was no more lying, hiding, nothing; this time, she knew everything. Whether she heard me or not, I finally got everything I had to say off my shoulders and it felt good. Up until I realized that she was still out, and that’s when I started crying all over again.
You’re my intoxicated love…

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