Intoxicated Love

Bethany has had her fair share of bad relationships in the past to the point where all she wants to do is party and have her one night stands that she doesn't even remember. But when she moves to England after she graduates, and meets Harry Styles, will that all change?

*Includes mentions of self harm, sex scenes, alcohol, drugs, and cursing.*


18. He



I started throwing things around my house, angry. Harry fucking used me. He had a fucking girlfriend and he had sex with me! He was just like every other guy I had ever met. I hated him…

I took a piece of broken glass and dragged it across my wrists, letting the pain run out of my body through blood and pain. The pain made me calm down, but I was still screaming in anger.

“WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” Bradie screamed, walking into the kitchen. I fell to the floor, sobbing into my hands as the blood ran down my arms. She came over and sat next to me. She took me in her arms and cradled me as I sobbed.

“Harry…he…he has a girlfriend…and…and…he cheated…he slept with mme…last…last nnight…” I sobbed into my hands.

“That dick…” Bradie said quickly. I let loose another round of sobs. “That’s such a dick move.”

“I just…I don’t understand…he said he loved me…” I sobbed, feeling the blood started flowing faster.

“You told him to leave babe…” Bradie whispered. I couldn’t even be mad at her for saying that since it was true. I pretty much gave Harry permission to date anyone else he wanted. I had told him I didn’t care about him.

The thing was…I did care about him. I was just too afraid to admit it. I just couldn’t be in a relationship after everything that I’ve been though. I didn’t really deserve to be happy. I knew Harry wouldn’t hurt me like Aaron did, but there was always that nagging feeling in the back of my head that told me I wasn’t loveable…that no one would ever love me like he  did…

“Bethany, are you okay?” I snapped from my thoughts and looked at Bradie and began to cry all over again. She sighed and got up. She grabbed some medical tape and wrap so she could wrap up my wrists since they were pretty badly dug into. She wrapped them for me and sat back down next to me and listened to me as I cried.

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