Intoxicated Love

Bethany has had her fair share of bad relationships in the past to the point where all she wants to do is party and have her one night stands that she doesn't even remember. But when she moves to England after she graduates, and meets Harry Styles, will that all change?

*Includes mentions of self harm, sex scenes, alcohol, drugs, and cursing.*


3. Feelings



“How was the night out?” Louis asked me later that night, long after everyone had gone to bed. I was sitting in the kitchen, staring into an empty bowl of ice-cream, unmoved.

“It went great.” I said, meaning every word.

“What’s on your mind than?” Louis took a seat next to me as I shrugged.

“Would it be crazy if I think I have more than just…friends with benefits feelings for Bethany?” I whispered quietly.

“Yeah…I’m actually surprised you haven’t gotten them sooner to be honest. It’s totally normal for you to have those feelings.” I was quiet, not sure what to say. “You know, Bethany is a really great girl. Maybe you just need to tame her. She really is a wild girl.”

“I think she’s perfect…”

“Would you think she was perfect if you caught her hooking up with some other guy instead of calling you one night?”

“She wouldn’t dare… she always calls me…” I said, sounding very unsure of myself.

“How do you know? You never know when she goes clubbing. You just know she goes the days she calls you when she’s drunk. Maybe one day…you should go just to see if she’s there or you should tell her how you feel. That would be good too.”

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“I can’t tell you what to do Haz…I can only tell you what I would do.” Louis stood up and slowly left the kitchen, leaving me there alone again.                        

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