Intoxicated Love

Bethany has had her fair share of bad relationships in the past to the point where all she wants to do is party and have her one night stands that she doesn't even remember. But when she moves to England after she graduates, and meets Harry Styles, will that all change?

*Includes mentions of self harm, sex scenes, alcohol, drugs, and cursing.*


28. Charges

“Have any of you heard from Bethany?” I asked after not hearing from her for a few days.
“No, why?” Liam asked. “Is she MIA again?”
“Yeah…I don’t know, it’s weird. One day were fine, the next I try and call her and it says the number I was trying to reach had been disconnected or something.” They boys looked at each other and back at me. “What?” I asked slowly.
“Bradie told me…” Niall started.
“Told you what?” I said when Niall paused.
“Bradie said that Brandon forced Bethany to pick between him and you. She picked him and he made her block all your shit.” I all of a sudden got pissed. Not at Bethany, but with Brandon for making her pick. Was I upset with Bethany, yeah but…now I felt like something is just very off again. I nodded, grabbed my car keys, and got into my car and rushed over to Bethany’s flat.
“Harry?” Bradie said when I walked in.
“Where’s Bethany?”
“In her room…crying…if you must know.”
“Is Brandon here?”
“No; if he was I would’ve thrown you back out and gone with you. But you’re safe for now. She’s in her room.” I nodded and walked into her room. When I opened the door, I saw her curled up in a ball, crying her eyes out. Her hair looked stringy, like it was falling out, she was bruised all over, and she looked like she had started losing weight again. I slowly walked over and sat down on the bed. She rolled over and looked up at me.
“What are you doing here…?”
“Niall told me what you said to Bradie…about Brandon making you pick.”
“I’m sorry Harry…I just…I love him.” She whispered, almost sounding like she was trying to convince herself more than me.
“Are these bruises from him?” I said, kind of ignoring her comment. She went quiet and started bawling all over again. She rolled away from me and screamed into her pillow. I took that as my que to step out and went to see Bradie in the kitchen.
“She’s miserable…” Bradie whispered. “And it’s making me miserable. I don’t know how to help her.”
“Does he hit her?” I asked. Bradie scoffed and closed her eyes.
“Yeah he does. I’ve had to take her to the hospital multiple times to get her stitched up for shit he does to her. I think the next time this happens, I’m calling the cops for domestic violence because I’m sick of his shit.”
“What do the doctors and nurses say when she goes to the hospital?”
“She refuses to answer their questions and obviously I’m not going to with her sitting right there. They definitely know though with by how they look at her.”
“I’m going to fucking kill the bastard.” I grumbled.
“Have you ever seen him?”
“Yeah, from a distance. But that was a few months ago.”
“The kid got bigger. He’s literally four times the size of Bethany, muscle wise. Don’t go near him. I don’t need you in the hospital too.” Bradie begged. Just by her voice you could tell she was tired.
“Go get some sleep, or go out, or something; get your mind off all of this. I’ll watch over her for a little while.”
“What if Brandon shows up?” Bradie asked, sounding just as scared as Bethany had.
“I’ll handle him myself.”
“Are you sure Harry? I mean, we both know Bethany…if you lay a hand on him, she isn’t going to talk to you for a long time.”
“We always make up…and it’s not like we’re talking now anyway.” I said sadly.
“Yeah I guess that’s true. Well…thank you for giving me a little break. I’m going to go over and see Niall. I’ll tell the guys you’re here watching over her.”
“Thanks Bradie.” She nodded slowly, grabbed her purse, and headed out to her car. I walked back to Bethany’s room and she had stopped crying, she just looked like a miserable mess.
“Why are you still here?” Bethany asked me sadly.
“I’m your best friend; I need to be here for you.”
“We aren’t allowed to be friends.”
“You aren’t allowed to be friends with me, but I can still be friends with you.” A small smile crept across her face and she snuggled up to my side. I smiled and held her close to me, watching her breathe softly as she drifted to sleep.
After about an hour, I heard a knock on the door. I slowly lifted Bethany off me and placed her on the bed and went to the window. I looked down and saw a car with a skateboard in the backseat since the windows were open. I knew as soon as I saw the skateboard that it was Brandon.
“BETHANY OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!” I took a deep breath and stood in the hallway right where he couldn’t see me but close enough to the front door if he tried to break in. He screamed a couple more times before forcing the door open. He made his way to her bedroom but ran into me again.
“Don’t go near her.” I said, pushing him back.
“What the fuck are you doing here?! I told her to never talk to you again!”
“She didn’t know I was fucking coming. I’m going to ask you nicely to leave or I’m going to call on the cops for breaking and entering.
“Fucking try, prick.” Brandon said, smirking in my face. I punched him in the face, taking him by surprise, but almost immediately he recovered, took my by the throat and pinned me to the wall.
“PUT HIM DOWN!” I used my peripheral vision and saw Bethany crying in her doorway before she ran over and tried prying Brandon’s hand from my neck. I felt myself losing consciousness as she continued to tug on his arm. “STOP FUCKING TOUCHING ME, BITCH!” That’s when I felt Brandon let me go and I heard a giant slap go across Bethany’s face, knocking her into the wall, and knocking her out completely. I crawled over to her when I saw Brandon coming back for me. I felt him pick me up by the shirt since I was still only half with it but before anything happened, Brandon fell to the ground. I looked up and saw Bethany’s neighbor standing there.
“Sir…” I said, slowly beginning to speak again, catching my breath.
“Come here.” He helped me up and brought me to the couch then went back for Bethany.
“Did you call the cops?” I asked.
“I am a cop…but yes I did call for backup.” I nodded as he laid Bethany on the other couch. A few minutes later, cops came running into the room, weapons out. The room turned into chaos. There was an ambulance for me, Brandon, and Bethany just to make sure we were all okay, and extra cops in Brandon’s ambulance just to make sure he stayed held down.
After we got to the hospital, I was basically discharged immediately since I hadn’t even lost consciousness. Brandon and Bethany on the other hand were both being watched since Bethany was still out, and Brandon being treated for a concussion.
“How is she?!” Bradie said, running into the waiting room.
“I honestly have no idea.” Bradie hugged me tightly, seeing the small bruises I had.
“I told you not to fight him…”
“He broke into Bethany’s house…I wasn’t going to just let that happen. Your neighbor showed up after he knocked her out anyway.”
“Our neighbor?” Bradie sounded confused. “No one’s live in that apartment for years…”
“Well, a cop lives there apparently.” I said, shrugging. Bradie looked like she was in shock, but I wasn’t focused on that. I was focused on waiting for Bethany to wake up.
“Alright, I need to take your statement.” The cop that was there to help me said, walking up to me.
“For what?”
“I need to make a report.” He said.
“Oh uh…I was taking care of Bethany when I heard banging on the door and uh Brandon broke down the door and I tried to tell him to leave and when he didn’t and started getting closer to me I punched him and then he grabbed me by the neck and pinned me to the wall which was when Bethany came out of her room and tried to get him off me and then he dropped me and slapped her, knocking her out and then tried to come after me again and that’s when you came in.” I said, telling him the story.
“Okay…was anyone else that lived in that apartment there when this happened besides Bethany?”
“No sir.” I said. He sighed and scribbled that on his paper. “Why?”
“I know her boyfriend; he’s been arrested for assault, robbery, vandalism…just about everything, and I see how he treats her but I can’t make a report unless she gives me permission to.”
“I thought you can report it!” Bradie demanded.
“I can, but nothing can be done unless she wants to press charges against him and by the looks of how their relationship is going, she’s too scared to press charges.”
“But…” Bradie started. “I live with her! Can I press charges for the breaking and entering?!”
“Were you there when it happened?”
“No sir…”
“Then I’m afraid not.”
“That’s not fair!” Bradie announced loudly.
“I have to wait for her to wake up to get the go-ahead to press charges. And last I saw, which was five minutes ago, if that, she wasn’t awake.”
“She’s going to wake up, right?” I asked sadly.
“Who knows; she was in such a bad health condition they don’t know how he was still living. She looks like a walking corpse once you get her into the light.” Bradie and I looked at each other, scared shitless all of a sudden. “Has she been eating and drinking regularly; getting her vitamins?”
“I mean, she eats when she wants…she moves when she wants which is rarely ever. The only time I see her move is to see Brandon.”
“And I’m going to assume when he’s around there’s a lot of unpleasant screaming and fighting?”
“How’d you know?”
“My daughter was in a relationship like this…I try to look out for girls who do this to themselves and try to get them to realize what they’re getting themselves into.”
“How is your daughter now?” Bradie asked, hoping for a little faith to hold onto.
“She left him…she got herself better but…he never got over it.” Bradie gave him a confused look.
“I don’t think I follow…” Bradie said.
“He killed her.” Bradie’s face fell and she started to tear up. “So now when I see something like this, I try and do everything I can to get the person in jail and the other in a safe environment.”
“That…I don’t even know what to say right now…” Bradie stammered.
“It’s a big deal and not a lot of people know that but…we just need to hope she wakes up so I can talk to her.”
“Are you going to tell her that story?” I asked slowly.
“Part of it; I would leave the last part out, but…it all depends how she feels about pressing charges when she wakes up.”
“Should I take pictures of what she looks like, sir?” Bradie asked.
“Do you have pictures of previous events like this too?” Bradie nodded and the cop nodded back. “Then yes, get pictures of this. The more evidence we have against him, the better. Especially if she does decide to press charges.” Bradie nodded and headed back to Bethany’s room. “And I’m guessing you’re the guy that loves her but she doesn’t see it.” I scoffed and looked at my feet.
“You would guess right; almost at least.”
“She knows I love her…but she’s afraid. I’ve known her for a while. She’s fearless…fearless of everything except when it comes to loving someone and being loved by someone back…that scares her. She’s always been the kind of person to love, and be hurt back so being loved back is something she was never comfortable with.”
“Keep by her side…no matter what; she’ll come around. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to the station to file this report.” I nodded. “Here’s my card; give me a call if she wakes up.”
“Will do, sir.” He nodded and walked out, leaving me alone. 

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