Save You Tonight

Lilliana Edwards seems like a normal girl with a normal life but its far from it. She had a terrible past of beatings and slavery in her own home and now the only people she trusts are her best friends George and Jessica. She only trusts her Mum a little bit. But what happens when she gets kidnapped walking through Aberdeen on her way back from Jessica and George's house? And most of all who will save her?

I'm just going to point out that this has some swearing in it, I'm not sure how much there will be but if you don't like swearing I'm sorry and I will try to limit it. So basically I rate this 13+.


2. Chapter 2 ~ Punishment

I was so terrified, what if he was going to kill me right there? How long had it been since I was taken? Would my mum know where I was? Probably not...
"Well I was going to take it easy on you, seeing as your so... Pretty but you tried to escape and now your going to receive your punishment" he said with a truly evil smirk on his face. What did he mean, punishment? I gulped and he could see how scared I was and laughed. This man is sick.
"Well first of all you little bitch, what's your name? Just so I know I have been stalking and kidnapped the right person" I gulped again, he had been stalking me? I had so many questions and knew I would never get any answers "L-Lilliana" I stuttered out very quietly but I knew he could hear me. "Well Lilliana" he said my name in such a sick tone "I'm going to have fun punishing you" the way he said punishing I could tell to him it would pleasure but pain and punishment for me.
He went over to his pile of horrible looking items and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. He strode over to me and pushed me flat against the bed and outstretched my arms and handcuffed my wrists to the top of the bed and sat on the bed and started taking his clothes off until he was naked. It was then I realised what he was going to do to me, he was going to rape me.
I was even more terrified than ever and it brought back the horrible memories of my dad who tortured me and my mum but he's supposedly in prison right now. I still have the scars on my arms, neck and legs from when he would beat me that's why I never expose any of those areas. Ever.
By now he had taken my white blouse off and was progressing to my black diamanté studded jeans. "Get off me!!!" I screamed as loud as I could even though no one could probably hear me "Shut up bitch!" The man shouted back at me I tried to kick him off me but it didn't work he was too strong and I couldn't do anything but cry. I knew what was going to happen next as he had fully undressed me. I'll spare you the details of what he did to me as I'm sure you probably already know but because I wouldn't stop crying he got the whip and whipped me several times and it hurt like hell.
Once he'd had his 'satisfactory entertainment' he left the room and locked the door I was un handcuffed but I lay there crying but I decided that I just need to stop crying and get dressed other wise nothing's going to get better for me so I did as I told myself to, shakily I stood up and slid my jeans on the put my blouse on and sat back down.
Now I remember why I never trust men, first my father now this guy. The only male that I trust is my other best friend George he's Jessica's brother and their the only two people other than my mum who know what my dad did.
I think I was left alone for about an hour before he came striding in, looking drunk and as if he wanted a fight. "I'm gonna kill you Lilliana" he slurred out, now I was about as scared as anyone could get.
I backed away into the corner as far as I could go but it wasn't far enough. I stood squished into the corner as he moved closer then he stopped right in front of me and said "Do you know who I am?" was I finally going to get an answer? "N-no" I stuttered back "I'm quite insulted you don't remember me Lilliana, my name is Karl Edwards" he said with a truly evil smirk. I couldn't believe it the man hat had kidnapped me, raped me and was about to beat me was my dad.
"D-dad?" I said unsure if it was the right person but let's face the facts it most likely is "Yes how dumb are you bitch?" He spat back I gulped again because I knew what he was capable of and he was probably capable of even more. He raised his fist and before I knew it he was punching me non stop and I was on the floor then he started kicking me in the face, stomach and ribs saying "Slut, whore or bitch" every time he hit or kicked me.
Just when I thought I was going to die he said he needed the toilet and rushed out leaving the door open. I took this as my chance to make a run for it I quietly snuck past the bathroom and opened the front door. Right away I knew I was in London, I had only ever been here once but I heard the toilet flushing and I made a run for it leaving the door wide open I started running down the pavement as fast as I could then I realised how I must look with blood all over my face, blouse and jeans but that was the last thing on my mind.
Since I wasn't looking where I was going just my luck I ran into someone "I'm so sorry" I said quickly then turned to keep on running but the guy grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. I couldn't tell what his hair or eye colour was since he had sunglasses and a beanie on but he was with four other guys "Are you ok love?" He asked, oh god he had an Irish accent one of my all time favourite accents "I-I'm fine" I said, out of the corner of my eye I saw my dad running towards us. Before he could say anything else I said "Look if that man that's running toward us asks if you have seen me please don't tell him you have" they all nodded and I ran off down an alley way about ten meters away. I knew those guys had seen where I went but when my dad ran past not looking down this alley way I knew they hadn't told him where I was I sat behind some bins, pulled my knees up to my chest and cried. I didn't know what the time was but it was very very cold and getting dark. Then it struck me I had no way of getting back to Aberdeen. I cried even more but then I had several foot steps coming towards me and some English accents so I tried to stop crying but it was impossible. I could only hope it wasn't a gang or people my dad had sent to find me. When they were close to me (I could tell by the sound of their footsteps) I heard someone say "Guys I think she's down here" it was definitely am English accent and they were looking for me.

~Authors Note~
Ok so One Direction aren't exactly introduced since Lilliana has no clue who they are yet but I super promise in the next chapter they are properly introduced.
What do you think they will do to Lilliana? Will they help her or take her back to her dad or just leave her?
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