Save You Tonight

Lilliana Edwards seems like a normal girl with a normal life but its far from it. She had a terrible past of beatings and slavery in her own home and now the only people she trusts are her best friends George and Jessica. She only trusts her Mum a little bit. But what happens when she gets kidnapped walking through Aberdeen on her way back from Jessica and George's house? And most of all who will save her?

I'm just going to point out that this has some swearing in it, I'm not sure how much there will be but if you don't like swearing I'm sorry and I will try to limit it. So basically I rate this 13+.


1. Chapter 1 ~ Kidnapped

My name is Lilliana Edwards and I'm 17 years old. I have long blonde hair with soft pink dip dye, blue eyes, I'm quite tanned and thin ish. Anyways on to my story ~

To me it was just a regular Saturday in Aberdeen i was walking back from my best friend Jessica's house and it was 9pm as usuall the city was full of drunken men and women. As I was passing through an alley (it's the only fast way to get to my house) when I thought I heard someone behind me so I picked up my pase but when I looked behind me there was a guy running towards me with iron pipe so I ran as fast as my legs would take me but then my vision stared dotting and there was blood oozing out of my head and then the last thing I saw before I hit the ground was the man that had been chasing me and then it all went black.

When I woke up I was in a black room with only a small light in the corner and a battered bed, there were no windows so I had no chance of figuring out where I was. When I looked down I was covered in blood supposedly from my head and I was lying on the floor. I shakily stood up and walked over to the bed and sat there waiting for someone to some but then I heard someone open the door so I looked up and the man that had kidnapped me walled over he had very tanned skin black hair and piercing brown eyes. "W-where am I?" I stuttered he walked closer "Now why would I tell you that?" He stated I looked down to the floor "Look at me bitch" he said roughly as he grabbed my chin "Y-your hurting m-me" I said whilst shaking then he shoved me to the ground and walked out I sat there shaking the he came back in with a whip, knife, hand cuffs and other horrible things. "Stand up" he said harshly I did and the then looked to the side of him and I could see he had left the door open so as he started walking towards me I kicked him where it hurts and darted to the door I got about halfway down the hall when he had caught up with me and he grabbed my arm as hard as anything and pulled me back to the room when he did he locked the door and shoved me onto the bed "Now that was a stupid thing to do wasn't it?" He stated with a horrible laugh "W-what are you going to do to me?"

~Authors note~

Sorry for the short chapter, the next ones will be longer I promise :) and in the next chapter One Direction are introduced.
What do you think the guy will do to Lilliana?
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