The best person ever

In this story you will find that you should not get upset over any guy or any girl because you just have to remember that there are other fish in the sea!:)


1. Just the right one!

Hi my name is Brooke and I am 15 years old I live in Lapeer Michigan and once I fell in love but then got my harts shattered by a boy who does not deserve me so going to tell you my story.

It was my first year of high school I had one crush and one crush only and I he was always staring at me and making me laugh and well he wasn't ugly. His name was Liam and he had the best smile and best dimples one the side of his face all the girls wanted to date him. Out of the pretty girls in the school one day he came up to me and asked " would you like to go to home coming with me." I just about fainted right there in the middle of the hallway every body was standing around us at the time and they all saying " awwwwwwwwwwww!" So I couldn't say no, not that I would of said no in the first place I would of still said yes! After I said yes very excitedly he put his arm around me and walked me to my locker. I felt so lucky that I was the one that Liam Hill chose for his date to Home Coming!!! When I got home I just so exited that I could barely talk I was just so ecstatic I could not believe it.
It was September 19th 2009 I was going dress shopping with all of my best friends juju Anna and Alexis they were so exited for me and that made me even happier. So we all went to to the mall where they got there dresses and I must of tried on half of the store be for I finally found the perfected dress. It was a short puffy pink dress with crystals on the top of it and it look awesome on me and all of my friends that so too. After I bot it as we were heading out of the mall it was very windy and my reseat floe out of my hands I tried to go catch it but it was already gone but I didn't think anything of it. So we got in my friends car and left the mall to go back to my friend Alexis's house so we could start getting ready because Home Come was in just a few hours. We all had to take a shower and get ready and by time we were done with that it was time to go after we took pictures of course. As I was waiting out side for my friends Liam poled up in a hot pink limo and I was so shocked I could not believe it, it was just so romantic and then he walked right pasted me inside and was thinking why did he just do that and then I got inside just to fine out that he dumped me for my BestFriend Anna and every body seemed to know but me I was so sad because was not even going to go and here I spent $160.00 on a stupid dress that could not even take back because I lost the reseat. So there I was standing in the corner with the most socked look on my face any one has ever seen be for. I was just so angry at my friend because I though that we had a stablished the best friend rule after it happened to her. But I guess only she could break that rule.
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