Don't Judge Before You Know

Harry Styles, a popstar who's always in the spotlight. Lately the fame has gotten to his head; he thinks he knows everything and he can do no wrong. However, there is one person he cannot impress. Meet Storm, a new DJ who works 2 jobs to make ends meet and must take care of her baby sister. What happens when a egotistical boy and a stubborn girl meet? They should expect some sparks.


8. Realizations

It's been a really long time and I'm sorry!!! I've been focusing on my other stories so this one kind of got put on the back burner.

Harry has a breakthrough!!!!


Love you all<333

Dedicated to all of the readers this story has so far!!!


Harry’s POV



“And this is your bunk,” I hear Liam tell Storm from my position on the couch in the middle of the bus. “There’s a small room towards the back that we don’t use, Sohpia could stay in there, if you want.”



“Are you sure you guys are alright with having a baby on the bus?” she asked. “I don’t want to mess up your routine.”



“Don’t worry about it,” Liam replied. “We all love kids; it’s really no problem.”



I looked up from my phone to see Storm holding Sophia and Liam gesturing towards one of the six bunks we had on the bus. Liam should speak for himself; I really don’t feel like being woken up in the middle of the night b a baby crying after performing for hours.



Out of nowhere, Louis runs past Storm and Liam to dive headfirst onto a bottom bunk. “I call this one!” he shouted.



He was followed by Niall who pulled himself up to the top bunk on the side where Louis was laying. I saw Zayn come running onto the bus and I got up from where I was before racing him towards the remaining bunks.



Even though Storm moved to the side to let us past, I almost ran into her side as I pulled the collar of Zayn’s shirt and he fell to the floor. “Zayn, you got the bottom bunk the last time!” I yelled as he tried to get up from the floor.



“So?! I got there first!” he grabbed my ankle.



“It’s mine!” I wrenched my foot from his grasp and grabbed onto the side of the bunk.



“No…it’s…not!” he grabbed onto my waist, but I continued to crawl towards the bed. Zayn’s hands slipped and I could feel my jeans coming off with him. I managed to pull myself up onto the bed, but I felt my pants down near my ankles.



I rolled over and reached down to pull up my pants; looking up I saw Storm covering Sophia’s eyes and Liam covering Storm’s eyes. “Harry, at least wait a couple days before you’re getting naked.” Liam scolded.



“That was all Zayn’s fault.” I protested, looking down at Zayn who was still on the floor. He gave me the finger before climbing into the bunk above me, making sure to stick his feet in my face.



“Which bed do you want?” Liam asked Storm.



“Uh, I guess I’ll take the top bunk; I know that if I’d hit my head if I was in the middle. You can have that opportunity,” Storm




Liam rolled his eyes, “Gee, thanks.”



“No problem,” she smiled.



I stayed on my bed as Liam showed Storm around the bus; it wasn’t like there was a lot to see, but there were some hidden compartments that Liam showed her.



After a half hour, the bus began moving, taking us to our first stop on our North American tour. We had landed in Mexico City a while ago and the bus was taking us to the Foro Sol arena for sound check.



The boys were in the living area playing a game of FIFA on Xbox so I decided to join them. Niall was kicking Zayn’s ass and Louis was laughing as Zayn continued to curse Niall out. I plopped myself down on the couch near Liam; Liam was watching Storm, who was on the floor and playing with Sophia.



Watching how she looked at Sophia, I realized that I might have been wrong. Even if she was a mom at such a young age, there was no question that Storm loved her. And if Niall wanted to take on a girl with a child, who was I to stop him.



I sighed and leaned my head back against the couch; being around four guys who were happily in love with their girlfriends was hard for a single guy. Sure, I had a couple of girlfriends here and there, but none of them led to anything. It was even harder to find out that a few of them were only using me to further their status; what’s better than dating a superstar? Apparently nothing.



A shout startled me out of my thinking and I looked over to see Niall doing a victory dance. From his dance and Zayn’s furious expression, I’m assuming that Niall kicked his ass, again.



“Can I play?” Storm asked and we all turned to her.



“You sure you want to go up against all this?” Niall gestured to himself.



Storm smirked, “I think I can handle it.” Then she turned to me. “Can you hold Sophia for me?” she asked.



“Uh, yeah, sure.” I answered; I held out my hands and Storm handed over Sophia.



Sophia reached out towards me and a smile spread across her small face and I couldn’t help but grin back at her. She had dark brown curls that framed her small face and hazel eyes that looked up at me, curious.



The girl sat on my lap and her arms reached up towards my face. I leaned forward and she grabbed a hold of my hair; Sophia giggled as she gripped my curls and tugged on them.



I made funny faces at her and she let out another laugh, making my heart melt. This continued on for a while before I was brought back into the present by Niall’s yells.



“How did you do that?” he asked, shocked.



“I live with a boy your age; it just rubs off on you.” Storm answered.



Niall stomped his foot, “But…but I cannot be beat.”



“Looks like you just were,” Zayn smirked and high-fived Storm.



Louis grabbed Niall’s attention by challenging him to a match and I focused on Sophia. “She likes you, you know.” Storm told me as she sat down next to me.



I turned to look at her, “She’s adorable; she looks like you, too.”



“Genetics, I suppose.” Storm smiled thoughtfully. “It looks like she’s going to have curls to rival yours.”



“Who do you think is going to have the cutest curls?” I asked and put my face close to Sophia’s resulting in her wrapping her fingers around my hair once more.



Storm pretended to think, “That’s a tough one, but Sophia wins, no contest.”



I pouted and Storm laughed; I laughed along with her and I finally felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders as someone else besides the boys saw the real me.

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