Don't Judge Before You Know

Harry Styles, a popstar who's always in the spotlight. Lately the fame has gotten to his head; he thinks he knows everything and he can do no wrong. However, there is one person he cannot impress. Meet Storm, a new DJ who works 2 jobs to make ends meet and must take care of her baby sister. What happens when a egotistical boy and a stubborn girl meet? They should expect some sparks.


9. Concerts's been like 5 months.

I want to explain why I haven't updated.

1. Over the summer my computer completely crashed and in order to get it working I had to restore which meant everything got wiped. I hoped to get back what I had started for this chapter but it never happened.

2. I wanted to work more on my other stories and this sort of took a major back burner on accident.

This story will probably be shorter than I first thought but I have other ideas for stories.

I hope you enjoy and this is my Christmas present for you all!!!



~~Storm’s POV




My eyes flicked to Niall who was sitting on the couch watching me as I worked on my computer. I was checking to make sure the video I’d made worked and that I had all the necessary songs and programs for the first show that was later this afternoon, even though I had already checked twice before. I shrugged, “I suppose so. I mean, I’ll only be on stage in front of thousands of people. Why would I be nervous?”


Niall raised his eyebrows at me, “Sarcastic much?”


“Yes, yes I am.” I smirked at him.


“Where’s Sophia?” he asked.


“Sleeping,” I rubbed my eyes. “She woke me up at five this morning; I’m surprised you guys didn’t wake up.”


“We can sleep through pretty much anything.” Niall grinned.


“I gathered,” I smiled at him.


There was a knock on the door and our heads turned to look as it opened and Paul came in. “Boys, time for sound check. You too Storm.”


“’Kay!” Niall yelled and grabbed my wrist, yanking me to my feet.


He continued at that speed, pulling me out of the bus and toward the arena’s doors. “Uh, Niall. I think you’re forgetting something.” I stopped him. Niall looked at me confused. “I think I need Sophia.”


Niall’s mouth fell into an ‘O’ before he nodded, “Sorry about that. I’ll wait here while you get her.”


I rolled my eyes and put my laptop in his hands before walking back to the bus. When I got into the bus, I went into Sophia’s room and gently woke her up. Surprisingly, she didn’t put up a fight as I changed her clothes and brought her outside. Niall’s eyes lit up at the sight of her and he waggled his fingers in a wave. I bounced her on my hip as I held her and her car seat in my other hand, “Can you say Niall?”


“Ni-uh,” Sophia gurgled. I grinned at her and looked at Niall who was beaming at her. Sophia tugged on my hair saying, “Sissy.” I kissed her cheek and Niall turned to me confused.


“Sissy?” he asked.


I nodded, “Yeah, she’s my little sister.”


“But I thought she was yours,” Niall said slowly.


This time I shook my head. “My mom, well let’s just say she wasn’t able to care for a baby anymore so I took over and have had custody for a while now.”


Niall looked shocked at this new piece of information, “Wow. I-I’m sorry; I had no idea. And you live on your own as well?”


“Ryder helps me pay the bills, but pretty much, yeah.”


We walked down a hallway together, the only sounds being our footsteps. The hall led to the O2 Arena and I followed him up to the stage. I stood in the middle of the stage and looked out; this is amazing. It’s such a huge stage and I’ll be up here all alone. At least the boys had each other up on stage; all I have is my deejay table. “I don’t know if I can do this,” I said.


“Of course you can,” Liam’s voice came out of nowhere. I spun to see him come from behind the stage. “You are going to have no trouble tonight because you’re mixes are incredible and you’re very talented.”


“Thanks,” I smiled at him. “I have a surprise for you guys, by the way.”


Both sets of eyes lit up, “What is it?”


“You’ll have to wait and see,” I winked at them.


“You suck,” Liam said.


“I know.” I grinned.




The room that Niall and Liam led me into must have been where I would be getting my hair done because Harry was currently in the chair having his hair styled. Harry’s eyes met mine before flicking down to Sophia before looking away and scowling.


Okay…what’s his problem?


I sat on the couch in the room near where a little girl was on the floor playing with her toys.


“That’s Lux,” the stylist said. “She’s my daughter.”


“So you must be Lou,” I said. “Nice to meet you.”


“You too,” Lou gave me a small smile. “What’s her name?”


“Sophia.” I responded.


“Lovely name,” she said.


I smiled at her and bounced Sophia on my knee, waiting for my turn in the chair. Lux eventually came over to say hi before going back to her toys.


A little while later Lou called me over to the chair and Niall offered to hold Sophia for me. “It’s so weird doing a girl’s hair after all this time with the boys,” Lou admitted to me as she wound a section of hair around a curling iron. I observed as she finished curling my hair before teasing the front of my hair. Lou smoothed the front section of hair into a small bump before braiding the hair on the sides of my head and pulled my hair into a ponytail. “Do you want me to do your makeup or do you want to do it yourself?” Lou asked.


“After seeing my hair, I completely trust you to do my makeup.” I answered. I closed my eyes as Lou applied the makeup and when she told me to open them, my jaw dropped. I had black lining my eyes that gradually got lighter looking like black smoke. “I look so bad ass. You have to teach me how to do this.” I poked my cheek in amazement. “I have cheekbones, huh.”


I walked back over to Niall and Sophia and Niall looked a bit shocked at my transformation. “You’re eyes are like laser beams.” He said. “Stop looking at me, it’s starting to creep me out.” I rolled my eyes at him. “Come on, time for wardrobe.”


“Storm, if you want I can watch Sophia for you while you’re getting ready and while you’re on stage.” Lou offered.


“That’d be amazing,” I thanked her. I tucked Sophia into her car seat and gave her a toy to hopefully keep her calm for Lou and kissed her cheek before leaving with Niall.


Niall was immediately greeted by Caroline and she took me over to the clothes rack that had the clothes I had been fitted for earlier. “What would you like to wear?” She asked me.


I searched through the rack picking out a blue long sleeved shirt and a leather overall romper. I pulled off my sweater and tossed it to the side. I also stepped out of my sweats, leaving me in a tank top and a pair of small shorts. Pulling the romper off the hanger, I bent over to step into it before pulling it up. “What was that?” A voice startled me.


I whipped around to find Harry staring at me with his brows furrowed. “What was what?” I asked. He pointed at me. “My back?” I shook my head, as confused as he looked.


“What was on your back?” Harry clarified.


Now it was my turn to scowl at him as I yanked my tank down, “Nothing.”


“But I saw--,”


“I said it was nothing!” I cut him off.


Harry raised his eyebrows at me, but kept quiet and I pulled the shirt over my head. I had honestly forgotten that the boys might be in the room otherwise I would’ve changed elsewhere.


Lastly, I slipped on some sneakers as the finishing touch for the outfit.


Now ready and having nothing to do, I sat myself on the couch and leaned back. I tried to relax, but my leg wouldn’t stop bouncing and I kept biting my lip. “Storm you need to relax,” Niall placed a hand on my knee to stop it from bouncing. “Because you’re going on stage in five minutes.”


I punched his arm, “How the hell is that going to help me relax?!”


Niall just shrugged when a man came to get me and led me to the platform that would raise me and my stand up on stage.


I made sure my laptop was ready and I checked with a stage tech to make sure the video was up and running. He gave me a thumbs up and I shook out my hands before they counted down and the platform began to rise.


“What’s up London?!” I asked and was met with screams. “My name is Storm and before the boys come out…,” I paused at the increase in screams, “let’s look back at some of the best moments of the Up All Night tour.” I hit play and the video I made began playing on the screen behind me; the video was also playing on my laptop so I knew what songs to play when. I began mixing the songs to match the video and was pleasantly surprised to hear the crowd cheering and singing along.


I heard laughs at the funny moments in the video and a chorus of ‘aw’ when the boys did something cute.


I left the stage to cheering and I couldn’t be any happier. They liked my music! Now I know why the boys love performing so much.


It’s such a rush.

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