Winner's Win (A One Direction Fanfic)

Tori win a contest for the boys to come to her house. Will one of them fall for her or will all of them? And will she fall for one or all of them??


1. The contest



Tori’s P.O.V

I’m in my best friends Daniel’s car with our other best friend’s savannah (Vanna) and Emily (Em). We’re on our way to the local fair to meet up with Vannas, Ems and I’s boyfriends Fletcher, Blake and Joshua. I had just turned on the radio when the radio host said


“Would you like to have the boys of One Direction to come and hang out at your house for a week or two?”


“YES” I screamed at the guy.


“If you do then call this number (#) and be caller 60” I pick up my phone and call in


“Hello you’re caller 60!”


“O.M.G I won!!”


“Yes you did now what’s your name?”




“Well then Tori can you hold for a second?”


“Anything for my boys” :) :) :)


The guy came back on asked for my info and told me to expect the boys on the 1st of July.

I have to call my mom now, I hope she says yes I pull out my phone again and call my mother.










Claire’s (Tori’s mom) P.O.V


I was on a date with my husband Mark when Tori called me


“Hey mom”


“Hey sweetie, what’s up?


“Nothing much, I just had a question for you”


“Okay what is it?”


“I just won a One Direction contest and I was wondering if the boys could stay at the house for a week or two”


“Yeah sure what day will they be coming?”


“The 1st of July”


“Well I’m going on vacation with Mark that week so Carrie will have to watch you because Ryan’s going to L.A with his friends”


“Kay that’s fine, thanks mom, talk to you when I get home”








Savannah’s (Vanna) P.O.V


O.M.G I cannot believe Tori won a week with those idiots One Direction. I have to be busy all that week so I don’t have to hang out with them.  I hate One Direction so much there are only two people I hate more Justin Bieber and Gray Tori’s ex-boyfriend.  But that’s a story for another day.




Daniel’s P.O.V

Tori’s happier then I’ve ever seen her since she went out with Gray 3 or 4 years ago.

“Well we’re here girls let go and have fun and get fat on fair food!”

“YAY” they all screamed at once

“Let’s go find the other guys”

“Kay you’re tallest so keep a look out for them” Tori tells me with a smile

Out of all the other boys Fletcher's my favorite, he’s cute, funny and taller than me and that’s how I like my men ;) Yes I’m gay but Tori, Em and Vanna don’t mind and the boys don’t know. Yet anyway….



Emily’s (Em) P.O.V

Ah! Tori won the contest yay!! We finally got out of the car to go find the other guys. There they are over by the cotton candy Tori’s favorite


“I found them” I tell the girls and Daniel


I go off running Tori right behind me then Vanna and last but least Daniel he doesn’t run so he’s still walking. I ran right over to Blake and jump into his arms and kiss him, Tori and Vanna did the same to Joshua and Fletcher.


** Arthur's note **

Hey guys this is my first fanfic so bear with me here. Comment, vote or what ever you want gtg ttyl my peeps!! <3 :P




** end of note**



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