Dougie Poynter's in my bathtub

When Jackie wakes up in her bathroom and sees members of mcfly sleeping around her she is very confused so she gets her best friend, who is also in the bathroom, Sophie - an obsessed McFly fan -to explain to her the strange situation.
If you think I have nicked this story off wattpad then I should explain that I am silverbirch.
I haven't written a fanfic before so I hope this is what it's supposed to be like...enjoy :)


3. Woohoo!

"So you're seriously telling me, that Dougie Poynter was the one who knocked me out?" Jackie tried to make it sound like it didn't mean anything to her, but in her head she was secretly screaming with excitement.

"Yes! J come on, believe me! How else could I have got them to come here?"

"Fine! Fine, carry on..."

"Well we were all sitting on the floor, around you, waiting for you to wake up properly..."


"Ow, that really hurt." Jackie muttered, clutching her head.

"If you're okay, then I guess we can leave now...hey boys." Danny said, as if hinting something.

"Yeah maybe we should..." Harry agreed.

"We can't leave these two here. Anyway, maybe they can help us." Tom told Danny and Harry. "They might help us get out of here."

"Yeah! We'll help! Let us help!" Sophie squealed eagerly. Jackie threw her a look as if to say, stop it. Sophie looked disappointed.

"Why are you leaving your own concert?" Jackie asked curiously. Tom looked embarrassed.

"Well, we haven't toured for a while and I forgot that my mic would be on all the time. I accidently let it slip about Gi being pregnant. You know how girls are when it comes to babies." Jackie started to laugh. "It's not funny." Tom pouted. "They all went through the barriers and started to mob us on stage. There were too many of them."

"It was crazy!" Danny exclaimed.

"Crazy awesome." Dougie laughed.

"The security guards told us to get out. We need to leave." On cue screams started to be heard from inside.

Harry came out from a side alley and said,

"Well there's four bikes here if that helps."

"There's six of us though. I'm not sitting in a basket." Jackie said in an annoyed tone.

"No no no, I meant motorbikes." Harry explained.

"AWESOME!" Danny shouted. Jackie's face went pale - she wasn't a fan of motorbikes because, underneath her hard exterior, they scared the hell out of her.

The members of McFly wheeled the bikes out and they conveniently still had the keys in. Danny motioned for Sophie to jump on with him and she did so without hesitating. Dougie took Jackie's wrist and pulled her onto his bike. She was still feeling a little dizzy.

"Sorry I knocked you out." Dougie apologised. Jackie's heart fluttered - she had always had a soft spot for Dougie.

"Come on guys, we really need to leave." Tom said worriedly. The screams were getting louder.

"Where to?" Harry asked. Danny cursed. Sophie smiled,

"Jackie's flat. Her parents are away for the weekend." Jackie was lost for words - though not for long.

"Hey! What about your house?" Jackie hissed at Sophie.

"No, to close to the ground. What floor are you on?" Danny asked. Before Jackie could protest more, Sophie answered.

"28" He grinned.

"Perfect." With that he started his bike and rode off; the other members of McFly followed.

With Sophie's directions Danny lead the group.

"You alright back there?" Dougie shouted to Jackie - who was going a little green.

"Uh, I could be better." She groaned.

"Hahaha, not a fan of motorbikes?"

"Not really..."

"Woohoo!" Dougie screamed.

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