Dougie Poynter's in my bathtub

When Jackie wakes up in her bathroom and sees members of mcfly sleeping around her she is very confused so she gets her best friend, who is also in the bathroom, Sophie - an obsessed McFly fan -to explain to her the strange situation.
If you think I have nicked this story off wattpad then I should explain that I am silverbirch.
I haven't written a fanfic before so I hope this is what it's supposed to be like...enjoy :)


2. That was my head.

Jackie and Sophie were standing in front of the tall, black stage door. There was no one else outside apart from a few random members of the stage crew who kept coming in and out of the door, almost mocking the girls with their authority to go inside. They were standing out there hoping someone would come out, see them, feel sympathy and give them two tickets to see the show. Sophie was secretly hoping to get  a VIP pass but she didn't want to tell her best friend, Jackie, in case she got mad. They had both tried to buy tickets but they sold out within minutes, well that's what you get for liking an amazing band, I guess. Sophie was desperate to get some so she persuaded Jackie to wait outside in the cold with her. Jackie was only really there because she didn't want to leave Sophie on her own. She had a bad habit of getting lost, panicking then fainting; not really the best idea at that time of night with all the creepy drunks staggering around.
So as I said, they were waiting for someone to come out. Jackie were leaning in towards the door to listen for someone coming but as she did so, the door flung open and knocked her out. Dougie Poynter's head peeked around the door, he looked just like a child who had just done something they shouldn't have. He saw Sophie crouching down next to Jackie and opened the door slowly, to join her. Being hit on the head is very unlucky but Sophie was jealous when she saw Dougie paying her friend attention. After she got over her short spur of jealousy she realised that one of her all time heroes was sitting right next to her and she started to feel very light headed.


It was all to much for Sophie when Tom, Danny and Harry bundled out the door, all out of breath, shouting to each other. Danny swore when he saw Dougie sitting next to the two unconscious girls.

"Mate, what have you done?" He laughed nervously. Even after 10 years of knowing each other Danny was still convinced that Dougie was capable of knocking out two teenage girls.

Tom and Harry looked at each other and laughed. Harry spoke,

"Really Dougie? We leave you alone for two minutes and already you have knocked out not one, but two people."

"It wasn't me...well it wasn't my fault...well it sort of was. I hit the first one with the door and the second just fainted. Don't blame me." Dougie had a guilty look on his face.

"What are with we going to do now. We can't tell anyone. Well? Any ideas?" Danny asked. Everyone looked to Tom.

"Uhh, we wake them up?" Tom suggested. As he said this Sophie opened her eyes and groggily murmured,

"Is this a dream?" Dougie laughed softly and said,

"Welcome back. Now we need you to help us wake your friend." Sophie blushed because she was so star-struck, but despite that she moved over to help wake up Jackie anyway. Sophie whispered only one word into Jackie's ear, 'Bacon', and she suddenly opened her eyes, scaring the four members of McFly. Jackie groaned,

"That was my head..."

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