Dougie Poynter's in my bathtub

When Jackie wakes up in her bathroom and sees members of mcfly sleeping around her she is very confused so she gets her best friend, who is also in the bathroom, Sophie - an obsessed McFly fan -to explain to her the strange situation.
If you think I have nicked this story off wattpad then I should explain that I am silverbirch.
I haven't written a fanfic before so I hope this is what it's supposed to be like...enjoy :)


1. McBloodyFly is in my bathroom!

Run, run faster...they'll catch you...too late...


Just a dream, no worries.

Why am I in the bathroom? Did I really sleep on the toilet? That is sort of lowering  my standards...

OMG... there are people in my bathroom...and my bathtub...Jesus bloody christ...that is Dougie Poynter...what the hell is he doing here? Dougie Poynter's in my bathtub...and the rest of them are on the floor...covered by towels...

Tom is leaning against the wall, Harry is lying on the floor and Danny is by my feet wearing black sunglasses... Sophie's on the floor as well...maybe she can explain this to me

"Sophie...wakey wakey..."

"Dinner is ready's brussel sprouts..." Weird...

"Sophie...wake up...NOW!!!!!"

"I'm up... okay okay"

"Please can you explain to me why McBloodyFly is in my bathroom!"

" We had to hide them here, remember?"

" Um, no?! You better have a very good explanation...wait you didn't abduct them did you?"

"No, it's even better than that. Do you really not remember anything about this?"

"No, the last thing I remember is us waiting outside the back door of where Mcfly were playing."

"Well I better explain as seen as we are in your house. It all started when we couldn't get tickets, as you know, and so we stood outside the stage door during the concert..."

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