Dougie Poynter's in my bathtub

When Jackie wakes up in her bathroom and sees members of mcfly sleeping around her she is very confused so she gets her best friend, who is also in the bathroom, Sophie - an obsessed McFly fan -to explain to her the strange situation.
If you think I have nicked this story off wattpad then I should explain that I am silverbirch.
I haven't written a fanfic before so I hope this is what it's supposed to be like...enjoy :)


4. A monkey?

"Wait. I rode a motorbike and I don't remember it. I was fully conscious so how come I can't remember flying through the air, on a motorised death machine, clinging onto Dougie?"

Jackie wondered, did they give me drugs or something?

"Ha ha...well that comes a bit later on. There's more to explain." Jackie was already overwhelmed with all the details and her facial expression showed it - Sophie laughed.


"No! You missed the turning!" Sophie shouted at Danny.

"Well where do I go now?" He panicked.

"Take a left here. Go fast and don't stop - this area's rough." Sophie sounded scared which made Danny feel nervous.

Behind them, Jackie cursed.

"They missed the turning. Keep up with them. We're less of a target if we're in a group."

"What? Are we in danger?" His voice was slightly higher than usual.

"Possibly. Maybe not though. There hasn't been a murder here in a least two months."

Dougie gulped and his grip on the handles tightened. The bike spluttered and started to slow. It was Dougie's turn to curse.

"Uh, Jackie. We've run out of petrol."

"You're joking right? Why didn't you check the fuel before we left?"

"The girls were coming after us - they're scary - I didn't want to stick around."

"I'll tell you what's more scary. Being stuck in the middle of gang territory with a bike that's run out of fuel. This is just my luck." Jackie sighed.


"It's not you're fault. Well at least if they kill us we'll die together."

"Together hey?" Dougie tried a joke to lighten the mood and Jackie glared back at him.

"Not funny."

"You wanna hear something funny?" A voice said from the shadows of the alley behind. The pair looked at each other and turned around slowly, clinging onto each other's arms.


"Hey, we've lost Doug." Tom shouted to Harry.

"I'm sure they're fine. The girl must know her way around." Harry shouted back.

"Okay. We should catch up to Danny - we don't want to get lost." With that they sped up and got further and further away from Dougie and Jackie who were definitely in trouble.


The pair backed away slowly as a figure emerged. He was wearing a tracksuit and a snapback. You could see the tips of tattoos peaking out from underneath his vest. Even though he wasn't tall, he was intimidating.

"Hey, don't leave. I just wanna talk." His voice was too soft and you could hear the natural coldness waiting to creep back in. They continued to back off. "Come here. Or I will hurt you both." The coldness was there this time and all evidence of softness was gone.

"We really ought to be going now." Jackie tried to get them out of the situation.

"Well how are you gonna do that if your bike is busted? Come here and I'll give you two a ride." He smiled though it didn't reach his eyes - they were still dark and cruel.

"Dougie, what should we do?" Jackie whispered. Dougie showed no sign that he heard her. He started to approach the man.

"Your man has the right idea, girl. Why don't you just follow him?" Jackie didn't know what to do. She couldn't just let Dougie go with this dangerous man but, if she did follow she might die. Her legs moved without her telling them to - some part of her knew it was the right thing to do.

"Good. You two are smart." He turned and started to walk back into the alley. The pair followed. As they were walking the man put his hand into his pocket. As he started to withdraw it, Jackie saw a flash of metal. Before she could warn Dougie, the man spun round, brandishing a knife.

Jackie gasped as he swung it towards Dougie - it was a near miss. Before he could swing again, Dougie yanked the zip of his rucksack and pulled out a ball of fur - Jackie couldn't make out what it was. She heard it screeching as Dougie flung it at their attacker. Surprised, the man dropped his knife and Jackie swiped it off the ground. The animal was on his face and he fell over. Taking their chance, Dougie and Jackie ran back down the alley to the main road.

Out of breath, Jackie grabbed Dougie's arm.

"What was that?" She panted.

"A monkey."

"A monkey?"

"Yeah, a monkey."

"Why the hell did you have a monkey in your rucksack?"

"Why the hell not." They both burst out laughing. They were hysterical for a minute or so - then the adrenaline rush was over. Jackie started to sob quietly.

"Oh, what's wrong?" Dougie asked caringly.

"Well, five minutes ago I thought we were both going to die."

"We didn't though." He comforted.

"Yeah. We didn't. Thank you for that. If you didn't carry around live animals in your bag then we might be dead right now."

"Well it was a pleasure saving you." Jackie laughed. The tears had subsided. "We should really get out of here." Dougie stated.

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