The Infection

The Infection, The Protectors, The People. My name is Allison, I'm a survivor, not of cancer but of something much, much worse. The Infection. I dream of it every night, no, it's a nightmare, an awful flashback. All of the good in the world was gone. It was a game of survival, and I was the winner.


1. Life Before

Ive always Had trouble concentrating in school, I could never seem to focus. I felt there was no point in sitting through the day if I couldn't even be there long enough to learn the material. Even though I have a few years, three to be exact, till I graduate, I still think about what I am going to do, career wise. Not that i hated school or anything, i just really saw no point in being there if i wasnt going to use the information that was given to me. I'd like to join the military, air force maybe, mainly because it's all active all the time. I think I'd be good at being a soldier because I have a lot of endurance, not patience.
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