Rewind My Rebellion

I don't get why I always try to shock people.
I don't get why I always try to shock myself.
I don't get what real shock is at all.
I suppose I never have.


1. First Surprise, Best Surprise.

"Go on then, I dare you. I know you won't."

My brother's taunting voice sneers at me from across the kitchen.

I turn towards him with a look that appears almost bored.
"Watch me."
I hear the click of the cooking hob as I hold my mum's work papers above the small flickering flames dancing on the charred black metal plate of the hob. Slowly, the beaming, vivid, golden flames lick up the smooth crisp pieces of paper, curling up black at the end. When it gets too hot, I throw it into the sink and run the tap, letting the cool fresh water sizzle out the flames. I then retrieve the soggy piece of charred paper and throw it into the rubbish bin.

"Surprised?" I ask Finn, smirking smugly at his astounded expression.

"Mum is SO gonna kill you now." His lips slowly curl into a wicked grin, like one of those stupid cartoon villains we see on his saturday morning tv programmes.

"Do I look like I give a shit?" I throw him a look that dares him to attempt to answer my rhetorical question.

"Why are you being so mean today?" His watery lime green eyes twinkle with confusion in the flickering kitchen light.


(Sorry guys, chapter continued soon, I got busy)

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