Deadly Silence

Ally has never talked since the death of her best friend, who died in her arms. She feels like silence will shut away all her problems -the bullies, - her mum's boyfriends, - her annoying sister-, the pain of losing her friend. But Silence is Deadly. For the "Speechless" competition.


5. Tormenting My Life

I wake up, in my comfortable bed, pushing the royal blue covers away from me. I walk to the mirror, staring at myself in the mirror. I see my reflection, and shriek. Their sits a girl, with brown hair like mine, dull. Warm brown eyes, dead. She's so frail, vulnerable, tears in her eyes. I know for certain that's me, the girl no one likes, wishes she was dead. I take out my laptop from my desk, then open my mail. I gasp, when I see the horrible messages people have written to me, making me cry in pain.

"Ally is such a attention seeking brat, she think she's cool, but she's not. She seeks attention, but really no one cares if her boyfriend Daniel died, or if she gets bullied"

"I hate Ally and always have, she stole my best friend Daniel from me. She took him away from me in year two, charming him away from me. I hate her"

"Ally, no one likes you. We all wish you die, just go and die"

I sit their my fingers trembling on the laptop, I gulp scared, too afraid too see what else has been written. I shut the laptop, then shove it on the desk. I took Daniel, I never had thought about that. It was true I joined in year two, and made friends with Daniel, but I never thought I had taken Daniel away from some one.

I go to the cupboard, searching for my album, then smile when I see my Winnie the pooh album, I take it out, blowing the dust off the cover. I flick through the pages, until I see a picture of me in year two. It was at Tiffany birthday party, I had my arms around Daniel, and we were smiling cheekily, normal enough. But then I see a girl hidden in the picture, with blonde hair, she sits their sadly, her eyes are on me and Daniel, tears are falling from her eyes. I didn't need to be psychic to know that it was Tiffany. I stole Daniel from Tiffany, that was why she hated me, I stole her best friend, without even realizing that, I had.

I pick up my rucksack, then walk to school. I look for Tiffany, and their she stands with her boyfriend Alex, and her crew. I open my mouth, trying to speak. I point at Tiffany.

"Get lost" Tiffany exclaims.

"Sorry" I mumble out.

"Your what" she laughs.

"I didn't know, I stole Daniel from you, in year two" I answer.

Tiffany, pulls me across the play ground, then shoving me in a corner.

"I didn't need your apologizing" Tiffany shouts, glaring at me.

"I " I begin to say.

"You had stole my best friend from me, I was so sad, you just came, and took him away from me, I tried to be friends with you too, but you shove me off. I was just that six year old, who didn't know what had happened. All she knew, one day her best friend was their, the next, he was gone" Tiffany mumbles.

" sorry" I reply.

"Not like I care any more, Just get lost Ally" Tiffany shouts.

"I hate you Ally, go and die, no one wants you" Tiffany shouts, slapping me.

Suddenly, I fell on the floor, UN able to speak once more, it felt like Tiffany words, had taken the words out of my mouth. No one wants me

Go and die

I run to the bathroom, then scramble to the nearest bathroom. I sit on the seat, and begin crying. It was true, no one liked me, I was a burden to my parents, even they didn't want me. No one wants me, I should just go and die. I open my rucksack, then fumble for a knife. I had heard of people cutting them self, when they were in pain, or in emotional distress, now I know how it feels. I always took a knife with me, just a pocket watch, not to hurt any one, just for self defense. I pick the blade carefully, closing my eyes, then plunge the knife into my wrist.

I scream in pain, as the knife goes in, then the pain goes. Blood flows out of the cut, I smile to myself. Cutting yourself, did make all the problems go away. Then jab the knife deeper, until I black out into darkness.

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