Deadly Silence

Ally has never talked since the death of her best friend, who died in her arms. She feels like silence will shut away all her problems -the bullies, - her mum's boyfriends, - her annoying sister-, the pain of losing her friend. But Silence is Deadly. For the "Speechless" competition.


6. Hospital

I wake up, lights shining above, I try and move my right arm, but it is bandaged up, tubes of blood in my arm.

Where am I?

This isn't my room, that is when I remember, the bullied, the pain, Tiffany words stung me. I feel the wet tears trickling down my face. I lay on the hospital bed, staring up.

"She's wake" a nurse exclaims.

I see my mother, and a doctor running to me. My mother looks horrible, dark circles under her eyes, her dark brown hair sticking up like a scare crow, her mascara running down her eye, tears falling from her eyes. Mother holds my left arm, the one not bandage.

"Ally" mother cries upset.

"Please Mrs.Field, please do not cry, we need to speak to your daughter" the doctor asks.

"Why baby" mothers cries.

"Mrs.Field" the nurse mumbles.

"I'm going, bye sweetie" Mother waves to me, walking out.

"Mr.Cote, you can come in now" the doctor exclaims.

A brown haired man walks in, dark green eyes intensely on me, a notepad in his arms, wearing a white lab coat thing, he smiles at me.

"Hello Ally, I am Mr.Cote your psychiatrist, but you can call me Callum" the psychiatrist introduces.

Not another one, I was tired of people trying to get me to speak, asking if I was okay, treating me like I was crazy, and sad. Callum seemed like those psychiatrist, that try and buddy up with their patient, try and get them to speak about anything. Too bad for Callum, I won't. I nod my head.

"Ally, why did you cut your wrist" Callum asks curiously.

I shake my head angrily. I won't speak, I won't tell anyone.

"Ally, you have to talk to me" Callum orders.

I breath deeply, my head aching, images blurry. An image of Daniel, standing there, wearing a Manchester united shirt, a ball in his arms, he smiles cheekily at me.

"Ally" Callum shouts, getting impatient.

Daniel fingers me to come with him, he runs his hand through his hair, then sticks his tongue at Callum mischievously. I bit my tongue trying not to laugh.

"Ally" Callum shouts repeatably.

Daniel does bunny ears on Callum, then runs around, his red under wear on his head. I smile, looking at Daniel drifting around, he looks so happy, so peaceful. I had never seen him this happy, it was like he was in  peace, this world could do no more harm to him, he was in gods arms now.

"Ally, is somebody their" Callum asks, staring at me.

"Daniel" I whisper.

"Ally, who is Daniel? where is he?" Callum asks.

"Daniel" I repeat.

Daniel fingers me to come to him, to be with him. I try and move, I want to be with Daniel, I want to be away from this world, I want to be in gods arms, where he can protect me, I want to be happy.

"Ally, tell me what he is asking you" Callum orders.

"I go Daniel" I mumble.

"Ally, stop it, he is not their" Callum shouts, looking at me angrily.

Punch him Daniel mouths. I swing my arm, and punch Callum right in his nose, blood oozes from his nose, he stares at me in shock.

Daniel laughs, then walks beside me. I miss you, he mouths. I miss you too, I mouth back. I have missed Daniel so much, his cheekiness, the way he always was there for me, protected me, loved me. I cry in pain.


"Ally, he is not their" Callum shouts, one hand covering his nose.

Suddenly Daniel disappears.

Daniel, where are you?

I search around for him, what has Callum done. Daniel.

"Is he there now" Callum asks.

"Daniel" I scream angrily, then black into darkness.

3 years ago...

A 12 year old Ally and Daniel sit on their swings, swinging slowly. Daniel holds Ally hand tightly.

"Daniel, do you love me" Ally asks.

"Of course, why would you ask that?" Daniel asks.

" I don't think anyone really likes me" I sigh.

"Not even your mother" Daniel asks.

"She doesn't love me, she wishes I was never born" I mumble.

"I love you Ally" Daniel exclaims.

"Will you always be there for me" I ask.

"Of course, for eternity" Daniel promises.

"I can never think of a day without you Daniel" I sigh.

"And I can't think of a day without you Ally" Daniel repeats.

"We will be together forever" I exclaim.

"Together Forever" Daniel exclaims.


Daniel you promised me, that you loved me, that you would be their for me for eternity, but now you are not that, don't you love me Daniel. If you had, you would of at least stayed for me, or took me with you. You don't know how bad the pain is, I can't think of a day without you Daniel, now your gone, and I am all alone. No one loves me, there is no one there for me anymore.  You promises me that we would be together forever, was it all lies then, you are gone now, and probably forgot about me, but I can't stop think about you. Daniel, why, why couldn't you of stayed. I miss you so much.

I am all Alone.

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