Deadly Silence

Ally has never talked since the death of her best friend, who died in her arms. She feels like silence will shut away all her problems -the bullies, - her mum's boyfriends, - her annoying sister-, the pain of losing her friend. But Silence is Deadly. For the "Speechless" competition.


2. Bullying Doesn't stop

I grab my black school bag, flinging it over my back then opening the door, to be welcomed by a cold breeze of wind. I shiver in the cold, wrapping my woolen red scarf tightly around my neck, tightening the grip of my coat.

"Bye sweetie" Mother exclaimed, running to embrace me, then planting a soppy wet kiss on my cheek.

A month ago, I would scream of joy, that my mother noticed me, cared for me. But now, I couldn't care less. I shrug my mother way in disgust, she looks at me, then frowns.

"Ally, I know you miss him, But" Mother began to say.

I shut the door, and ran out, my brown hair flying in the wind. I run to school, then look around. My eyes searching for Daniel, no where. He's gone for real, no more him at school, flirting with me, hanging with me, being there for me. Sometimes I can't believe he's gone.

Ally, wait I'm coming

I turn my head around, searching for the voice.

I look around, searching for him, Where are you Daniel? Suddenly I felt some one pull my hair, I turn around to see Tiffany, and her friends. Tiffany tosses her silky blonde hair, then glares at me.

"Looking for some one, loser" Tiffany laughed.

I shake my head, in fear. He's gone now, they'll be no one to help me with the bullying, no one I can run to.

"Talk to me cow" Tiffany laughs in a bitchy tone, slapping me. I fall on the floor, tears falling from my eyes.

"Daniel gone too, because he hated you" Tiffany exclaimed.

Gone, hated me.

A year 7 girl looks at me, thinking to come to me, before her friend come to her, then walks with her friends, she mouths sorry.

"Look, Ally Pally is crying" Tiffany shrieked loudly.

Everyone looks at me, there pity eyes are on me. I was Tiffany latest wimp, the person she bullies for weeks. I thought if she got bored, she would leave me alone, But no. Kicks and punches come to me, I fall on the floor, my skin all purple and blue, bruised black. Every muscle ached in pain, I tried to move my arm but I cry in pain,  so much pain.

I will never forget Tiffany sapphire blue eyes laughing at me, she's breaking me just like Daniel, killing me just like him. Daniel, if only if you hadn't left me, why Daniel? Did you leave me to them. Did you not care like them. I try and scream in pain, but no noise comes out of my mouth. I look up and see a image of Daniel coming closer to me, he looks like he looked before, brown floppy hair, sweet brown eyes, a sweet smile, Daniel. I try and touch him, but I black out into darkness.


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