Deadly Silence

Ally has never talked since the death of her best friend, who died in her arms. She feels like silence will shut away all her problems -the bullies, - her mum's boyfriends, - her annoying sister-, the pain of losing her friend. But Silence is Deadly. For the "Speechless" competition.


7. A Whole Where He Was

I sit by myself on the swing in my garden. My hands hold onto the ropes. My eyes look around for him. Daniel. I smile when I see him. He sits on the swing next to me. I want to hug him. But know he's not really there. He left me. I look away in anger. I feel Daniel angelic hand turn his face towards me. He looks at me.

"Ally." he whispers.

I look away, in anger and hatred. He doesn't exist. He's dead. He isn't here. Why are you talking to yourself Ally? I ask myself. He's dead. Tears fill my eye. I shake them away.

"Ally-Pally look at me." Daniel asks.

I look at him. Ally-Pally that's Daniel's name for me. Daniel traces my jaw line, and plants a kiss on my lips.

"Why did you leave?" I ask.

"I'm so sorry Ally. I was just upset, in too much pain. I wanted it to go. But now, I'm free. But I miss you Ally. I miss mother and father. But most of all You. I'm so sorry. How are my parents?" Daniel asked.

"They miss you." I say, struggling to get the word out.

"Look after them Ally for me." Daniel tells me.

"Then who'll look after me." I ask.

"Me. I will Ally. I will look after you always and protect you. Don't do what I do. Live your life to the most. Be happy Ally." Daniel tells me, brushing a strand of my hair.

"Ally be happy for me. I love you Ally-Pally always. I'll always be there. Your beautiful Ally, and everyone loves you their just jealous of you Ally. Don't take what they say to heart and be strong." Daniel tells me.

"I miss you Daniel so much." I whisper as tears trickle down my cheek.

Daniel wipes my cheek, and cocks his head to the side and looks at me.

"I love you Ally-Pally. Stay strong, be brave, be beautiful for me." Daniel tells me.

"I miss you, it hurts. I can't be happy without you" I confess.

"You will. You will be happy, fall in love, get married. Your life will go on without me. You'll soon forget me, and the ache will disappear." Daniel tells me.

"The ache will never go, you'll always be in my heart Danny boy." I tell him, hugging him tightly.

"I've go to go Ally-Pally. Be happy, stay strong. Your pain will heal." Daniel tells me, walking off until he disappears to mist.

I'll never forget you Daniel. I'll love you forever. A whole will be where you were, and remain there forever.

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