Deadly Silence

Ally has never talked since the death of her best friend, who died in her arms. She feels like silence will shut away all her problems -the bullies, - her mum's boyfriends, - her annoying sister-, the pain of losing her friend. But Silence is Deadly. For the "Speechless" competition.


1. Deadly Silence

My eyes look at Daniel's grave, I look at the words inscribed on the grave

Daniel a hero to be remembered, he will be dearly missed by his family and friends.

I bent down, then lay  the rose on the grave. He's gone, he'll never come back. I close my eyes then reopen them, my eyes full of water, then watch them fall gracefully on the grave. My mother bends down to me, then wraps her arm around my neck.

"Baby, it's ok, I understand" mother whispers.

I shrug her arm away, she doesn't understand, nothing. She didn't even have enough time to look after me, be there for me, be there when I needed her most. She was always busy, with her boyfriends. Week after week, she would bring a man home. When I asked her, When is Daddy coming home? She would shout at me, telling me he left us, that he'll never come back. But I'd say that he promised, then she would yell that promises are made to be broken. Is it like that promise you made, that you and Daddy loved me. Lies, my life is full of lies. My eyes trace his name on the grave. Daniel, why did you leave me too?, Why did you have to commit suicide? You left a letter, saying that the bullying was rough. I remember your letter, now even.

Dear.Mum, Dad, Ally

Life is painful, tormented by the bullies, breaking me till they could. Well guess what, you've won. You've won, you've successfully destroyed my life and led me to this, suicide. I love you mother, father, I know you loved me very much, your dreams of cradling your grandchildren in your arms, well I guess it'll never happened. Ally, I'm sorry, I can't stand it any more. I'm sorry that I left you, with the bullies. You won't understand, and will never forgive me, but I'm sorry. I hope in my next life, I reborn as your brother, protecting you from the bullies.

Love. Daniel

Ps: Mum, dad you've left the laundry for two weeks, and the bills have to be paid


Why did you have to leave me too, Daniel? You were the piece of the puzzle that kept me from breaking, now you're gone, I'm broken. My eyes stared at Tiffany, your murderer. She tosses her silky blonde hair, batting her emerald green hair then beaming her devil smirk.

"Daniel, Daniel was my best friend, He was a great guy, a kind sweet charming guy, who never hurt a fly. He had a long life ahead of him, but sadly it was cut short. Daniel, you will be missed by everyone and may you rest in peace" Tiffany exclaimed.

I look over to Daniel parents, Mr and Mrs RedFern, they dab the tissue at their eyes. Mrs. RedFern mascara running down her cheek, Mr. RedFern friendly smile, gone. That devil, lying. It was because of her, her only that Daniel committed suicide, she killed him.

I glare at her, then lung for her throat. My fists clenching against her delicate throat, she yelps in terror. Two police guards try and get me off her, I fight their struggle, and keep tightening my grip, her face bright red. Before I was pushed by a burly looking officer, they hold me tightly, looking at me like a criminal.

"She's been through a lot, don't take her away, she's just under stress, she doesn't know what she's doing?" my mother explained to the doctor.

"Still, trying to kill someone, is not right" the burly looking officer replied, then looks at me.

"What do you want to say, young lady?" the female officer asked.

I go to open my mouth, then clench it tight. No more words, I shake my head, refusing to speak ever again.

"Speak Ally" my mother ordered.

Sadly for her,  she didn't know that I would never speak ever again, no words. Silence, Deadly Silence.


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