Sweet revenge

What time is it the girl asks.
Don't know says the boy.
Where are we, and who are you exclaimed the girl.
I'm your worst nightmare, I am a vampire.......

the little girl Ruth has had her family kidnapped by monsters of the night, if she
And the mysterious boy don't get to the castle in time, the one thing that matters most to Ruth, they could be dead.


4. Waters rising

The little boy was a devilish character with brown hair and sapphire eyes, that glowed like thousands of mini suns. His clothes where neat and tidy, Ruth's where messy and had stains down the front. Her tights where ripped and her hair is tangled like a vine forest gone out of control.

So do you want me to help you or not the boy said quietly,
Ruth's replied stubborn no, I hate the look of a boy like you, to posh
The boy was quite for a moment and thought about what she had just said,
Then finally he answered, I saw the note you know, it's not the first time in this haunted house that friendly people move in, then they disappear without a trace,
Fear me,
Are you scared,
No no no no noooooooooo says Ruth
I am leaving this house and that's it shouted Ruth
While Ruth leaves the boys eyes follow her direction,
When she is out of sight the boy begins to follow her.....
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