Sweet revenge

What time is it the girl asks.
Don't know says the boy.
Where are we, and who are you exclaimed the girl.
I'm your worst nightmare, I am a vampire.......

the little girl Ruth has had her family kidnapped by monsters of the night, if she
And the mysterious boy don't get to the castle in time, the one thing that matters most to Ruth, they could be dead.


1. Terror tonight

Ruth said good night to here family and went to bed. Yet far worse was to happen than going to bed early. While Ruth is asleep and her parents are just tucking down into bed, they hear a noise.

Creek, shuffle, BANG

The front door burst open,
Mother: darling it might be a burglar.
Father: I'll go check, you stay here, while I go and see what it is!

As the father goes down the stairs he sees two shadowy figures near the door way,
One said, we are the creatures of the night,
The other said, and where going to capture you and take you to our leader.

The father by this point was close enough to see the shadowy figures had, teeth as sharp as a needle, black hair and red eyes,
To the fathers quick calculations he matched up a particular creature of the night,
VAMPIRES he cried aloud,
Louder than he ought,
Now he has only conformed the fact that there are living people in the house.

The vampires turned around and grabbed the father,
He cried out again
He noticed the skin of the vampires where freezing cold and made ever blood vessel in his body seize up.
Dead lock he thought......
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