Sweet revenge

What time is it the girl asks.
Don't know says the boy.
Where are we, and who are you exclaimed the girl.
I'm your worst nightmare, I am a vampire.......

the little girl Ruth has had her family kidnapped by monsters of the night, if she
And the mysterious boy don't get to the castle in time, the one thing that matters most to Ruth, they could be dead.


2. Mother hunt

The mother on the other hand went under the floor borders, because of a trap door
There she hid from them,
The husband already possessed by these creatures was a bad situation.

The vampires now made it up stairs the father went ruggedly as he struggled with the cold
The father had courage and spoke firmly to the vampires: let me go or I'll get the spear onto you,
But it failed to scare the vampires and they laughed at the petty thing to say.

The wife they could smell now and was close in there range,
They could feel it in there bones, there mouths where aching with greed and their eyes with hunger.

The wife waited then the sound came,

Went the trap door,then two pail pairs of white hands grabbed at her and pulled her out into the room.
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