Sweet revenge

What time is it the girl asks.
Don't know says the boy.
Where are we, and who are you exclaimed the girl.
I'm your worst nightmare, I am a vampire.......

the little girl Ruth has had her family kidnapped by monsters of the night, if she
And the mysterious boy don't get to the castle in time, the one thing that matters most to Ruth, they could be dead.


3. Morning

Ruth woke up to find that her mother and father where gone,
Gone, gone they can't be but the possibility is high, the amount of people gone missing here is very high Ruth said to herself.

BANG goes the door

Ruth jumps,
Behind here a boy about two years older than her stands before her.
Who are you he demanded
Me is it not i who should be asking that question Ruth shouted
Infuriated by the boys rude intentions she walks into the living room alone.

There in that room on the coffee table was a note, a note saying run go leave this building little girl or you might not live tomorrow,
Physically nauseous she runs upstairs gets dressed packs a few items and food, then walks out the door,
But Ruth did not get away that easily,
Where are you going said the boy,
To find my mother and father Ruth said
Well if you'd like I can help you,
Swiftly Ruth said no
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