Sweet revenge

What time is it the girl asks.
Don't know says the boy.
Where are we, and who are you exclaimed the girl.
I'm your worst nightmare, I am a vampire.......

the little girl Ruth has had her family kidnapped by monsters of the night, if she
And the mysterious boy don't get to the castle in time, the one thing that matters most to Ruth, they could be dead.


5. Close call

There was a forest clearing I swear says Ruth, to herself

I really want to get out of here she thought....

The forest was dark and gloomy, the sound of old bushs rusliling with the wind, the tanggled vines hung from the trees above, ruth remebers to step carefully as the vines where usually known to be ankle breakers.


A few hunderd yards away was the mysterious boy was watching, he being a born vampire had to keep to the shade, nothing could deture him from his corse, ruth was his for the taking.

His father had sent him on this mission to bring the girl to the castle so that the family together die in pain, the boy could just imagen what it would be like the blood stains on the floor the reaching smell of guts and gore, the toucherous cry of the girl and her parents was indeed a comforting sight for him in his head.


The one thing he was never good at was pleasing his father, one thing is for certain his father hated him and wanted him out of the house any time that he got,

some people think its crule, Stupid mortals he thought,

Thats just our nature and thats how i like it anyway. alone in a dark forest waiting for my next prey.

Because the boy got so lost in thought Ruth was miles ahead and was still in practical ways getting nowhere, pretty soon the boy was close behind and still wating her.


He licked his lips as he saw her get into a bit of a pickle with a vine snare a few meaters away from where he was,

Ruth struggled and struggled but couldent get free, then she saw the boy standing there chuckling to himself,

He said my my arnt you in a bit of a pickle my dear,

Ruths reply was, go away you toad,

Why the insult he cryed

Because you are just standing there while all the blood i have is going to my BRAIN, FOR GOODNESS SAKE GET ME DOWN FROM HERE shouted Ruth

By now she was in a fully stated tantrom, when the boy finally got her down her leg was bleeding, the pain was excushating and she was now crying,

The boy could not help to notice this destress this had caused Ruth but at the same time it was also dangerous for him to be around her because the smell of blood was getting to him,


eventually he grabed her neck, found the thorax, then bit into her neck,

Ruth did not even put up a fight, the wound on her leg healed but at the same time she was losing a dramatic amount of blood. Then she new what the boy was, he was a vampire.

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