'It's a long story.'

Justin has just split from his girlfriend, Selena, the girl he thought was the one. He thinks there's no love left in the world for him, until he meets Ariana. She's quirky and fun and suddenly his begins to race and his palms start to sweat. Is this love?


1. Justin.

They say everything happens for a reason and I mean, most of the time they're right, but not this time. Selena stands in front of me, wearing her best poker face and swishing her hair from side to side.
'I told you, I didn't cheat on you with Zayn.' She rolls her eyes and I notice the fraction of a smirk about to form on her lips. I raise my hands in the air, surrendering.
'So kissing, isn't cheating! Look, Selena...' She presses a single finger to my lips and shuts me up immediately.
'No, you look,' she moves her finger and my hands flop to my sides, I feel helpless, nothing I can say or do can make this situation any better. 'We've been going out for a while now but I just don't think it's working out.' Puddles of tears threaten to escape my eyes and I open my mouth to say something, anything, but no words come. My voice cracks and I burst under the pressure, shaking my head. 'I'm sorry, Justin.' She smiles at me sadly and I lose it. Picking up a book on the table I launch it towards the wall.
'I love you, Selena! Isn't that enough?! You're the one, you know I believe that and all you can do is smile sadly and say you're....you're sorry?!' The tears begin to stain my cheeks and I know more will come, she steps towards me in an attempt to comfort me, placing her hands on my shoulders. 'Don't...touch me.' Even though I still love her with all my heart, I know this is what I've got to do. I knock her hands off my shoulders and storm out of the house and into the car, never once looking back.

By the time I get home, the floor is crisp with recently fallen snow. The sun has disappeared and hidden behind the clouds and moon. I check my watch. 20:47. Ten to nine ish. As I push the key into the lock, I groan and push the door open. I throw myself at the back of the door, my back trailing down it as I fall to the floor. I expect the tears to come, but they never do. I sit there for a few minutes, a frown painted on my face like a sad clown. Is she crying? Does she even care? Doubt it. From the way she looked at me, she looked happy. Happy I was leaving, whilst I was dying inside. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I flipped it out.
'How you doin?' I sigh. Should I tell him?
'Yeah, not too great. Me and Selena are finished.'
'Want me to come over and play some video games or eat some Oreos?' We both laugh and I reply with a simple yes.

Within ten minutes, Alfredo is sat on my couch with a bag of Oreos and a glass of milk.
'So. Wanna talk about it?' He says in between munching.
'Nah. There's not much to talk about. She kissed Zayn Malik from One Direction. '
'Thats tough man.' I nod. 'Oh, hey I was gonna show you this vid of a girl named Ariana Grande, she covered Die In Your Arms, it's sickkkkk!' He whips out his phone and opens up YouTube, within seconds I see a girl on the screen, infront of a microphone, belting her heart out.
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