Luna Academy

Lark Wickendon was never normal- not since her first shift. Ever, since, she's felt as if there is something missing from her life, something important.
When Lark is invited to join the exclusive Luna Academy, a remote boarding school hidden in the depths of the American Rockies in Colorado, she know she can't refuse. She loves her parents dearly, after all they have raised her since she was 4, but she knows she can't risk this opportunity, not since the deputy head emailed her.
Because there is something different about Luna Academy- its a school for werewolves.


1. Leaving

I groan as I stare at my hair in the full length mirror in my ensuite bathroom. How sleep could do this to a persons head I had no idea. And now I had to tame it in- i glance at my watch- 45 minutes. 

"Better get started then," I mutter to myself as i grab my brush from the shelf above the sink.


In just 5 minutes i would be heading to the airport where i would board a plane to Colorado, USA, where i would be staying for the next 10 weeks at the exclusive Luna Academy, school for shifters. As i smooth down my shirt, i try not to think about how difficult it is going to be starting at a new school, where the other students had not only had 2 previous years to form all the usual high school cliques, but had also formed the ever lasting bonds of a Pack.


I remind myself that it is my choice, nobody made me leave. In fact, the opposite is true. My mother was set against me going, saying that i was to young to live in America on my own. It was only my Dad, peace maker extraordinaire, and the Academy´s amazing exam results which had finally convinced her to let me fly the nest. And thank God to. As much as i love my mum, i´m 16 now, and she was still treating me like i was the mute 4 year old they found in they snowy woods of their estate.


And for years i had needed that love, craved it even, but now that i had grown up and found my feet so to speak, I really felt like i needed my own space. And for me, the answer to that   desire was Luna Academy.


"Lark, are you ready yet?" my mother´s voice floats up the stairs from where she waits for me at the front door.

"Yes mum, i´m just coming," i call back, giving my childhood bedroom one last sweep with my eyes before closing the door. As the handle clicks, a strange feeling washes over me. I shudder, and try to ignore the feeling that i will not be returning to this room anytime soon. 

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