Luna Academy

Lark Wickendon was never normal- not since her first shift. Ever, since, she's felt as if there is something missing from her life, something important.
When Lark is invited to join the exclusive Luna Academy, a remote boarding school hidden in the depths of the American Rockies in Colorado, she know she can't refuse. She loves her parents dearly, after all they have raised her since she was 4, but she knows she can't risk this opportunity, not since the deputy head emailed her.
Because there is something different about Luna Academy- its a school for werewolves.


2. Flight

I smile at the air hostess as I take the can of coke she is offering me. I sigh as I take a sip of the ice-cold drink; the sugar-filled liquid tasting like heaven as it slips down my throat. 

"Are you enjoying your flight so far madam?" the air hostess- Trudy, I read from her name tag - whispers to me, conscious of the other sleeping passengers. 

"Yes thank you, it's been lovely," I replied, giving her a smile. 

"Great. Just call if you need anything honey," she whispers back, returning my smile. 

After she moves on, I return to the book I was reading, a favorite from the library from home. However, it only makes me more aware of the steady ache which started when I waved goodbye to my parents at the security barrier. Ever the protective parent, my mother was still trying to convince me to stay in Scotland, even at the late stage. 

"You know we can find you a boarding school in Scotland darling, there's a lovely one in York with excellent exam results too. And its so much closer as well," she had told me, her hand clinging to mine, reluctant to let me go. 

"Oh mum, you know I can't not go now," I had smiled through my tears, struggling to be brave when I was actually terrified about leaving them. 

Ever the savior, my dad had stepped in at that point. "Come on love," he had said to my  mum, slipping an arm around her waste. "LaLa will miss her plane otherwise." 

The tender use of my old nickname had only made more tears pour down my mothers face, but as always, my mum went with my dad, giving my hand one more squeeze before taking a step back and leaning into my father. Usually seeing them together kind of makes me cringe, but today it had relieved me, let me know that they would be okay without me. 

"Bye, I love you guys," I had told them, "I'll be home before you know it. It's only ten weeks till Christmas, after all." I had said the words as much to reassure myself as them, but it didn't work, I still didn't want to go. 

My parents had just smiled, my mother waving, at last composing herself and my dad standing solid as a rock beside her.


Sighing, I come back to the present. I shiver as my body registers the cold air in the plane. It might be air-conditioned in here, bu nothing can rival nature, and outside it was freezing. I lean down and grab my jumper from beneath my seat, slipping my arms into the feather-soft sleeves. Feeling much better, I look around the cabin for something else to distract me. My eyes snag on the TV screen mounted on a stand to my arm chair. Perfect.

Picking an easy-to-watch romantic comedy, I settle back into my comfortable chair to enjoy.  


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