Orthorexia: How She Changed My Life

I'm Xanthe Freed and I'm another teenager with a secret. Mine is bigger than most. It's not relevant to boys, it's not relevant to bitches. I'm just a girl with a problem- and that problem is Orthorexia Nervosa.
I'm Xanthe Freed and this is my story.


6. Thank God For The Weekend

Thank God for the weekend. Believe me, without it, I most definitely would've skived from school. I still haven't heard from Joel, and his silence is beginning to worry me. I was hoping to get a reply yesterday, but nothing came, so I'm lying in wait for one now.

It's a Saturday, and, ordinarily, I would be out shopping with my sister or doing work in preparation for exams, but today, I'm off to see the doctor about my unfortunate weight lose. I don't feel as if I've lost anything, and I think that my eating is perfectly adequate for what I do during the day, but we'll have to see what Dr Kauffman has to say.

My mum has been acting really weird lately about my eating habits. She thinks that I've been bingeing and purging because she found sweet wrappers in my room from when Deryn came over for a movie marathon last week. I told her that, but she's not convinced. She is seriously worried that I'm about to relapse. I just pray that I haven't. If I have relapsed, then... I really don't know what I'll do.

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