The Day We Fell In Love.... (A Harry Styles & Niall Horan Fanfic)

Bethany & Harmonie are 2 normal 17 teenage girls. They are crazy obsessed with the boy band One Direction. They get $4,000 for finding a missing pup, & get front row seat tickets. What will happen when one of them bumps into Niall Horan. Will they fall for each other? Read to find out more....

Written by: OneDirectionLover690 & my best friend


38. Meet The Mom

Niall's P.O.V

"Dude,I'm joking I just wanted to get you scared before I tell you the good news."Just as I say that Harry's mom came into the room and gave her son a big hug. " Mummy !! " Harry screamed while hugging his mother tightly." Did you miss me sweety!?!" Harry's mother said laughing." Yesss!! Mummy!!!" Harry screamed. Just as he said that Beth came into the room.

Beth's P.O.V

I came into the room and I saw Harry hugging a woman. All that's going through my head is Who the heck is she? I walked over to Harry. " Beth, This is my mother. Mother this is Beth, my future wifey." Harry said cheeky. I reached out my hand. " Hi Its very nice to finally meet you!" I said shaking her hand. " Harry has told me so much about you. Your even prettier than what Harry told me. " She said sweetly. " MUM!" Harry said blushing. " Ok Ok I get it, I'll go say Hi to the boys." She said kissing her son on the cheek and leaving. " She seems really nice, Harry." I said. " Yeah she's the best. Kinda embarrising but the Best." He said smiling.

Harmonie's P.O.V

Ok so I just bought Niall a gift but I dont know if he'll like it or not. I went up to Niall and covered his eyes with my hands. " Guess who? " I said into his ear. " Is it my beautiful wife? . " He said. " Ding,Ding,DIng!!" I said taking my hands off his face. He turned around and gave me a kiss. I took his present out of my pocket and gave it to him.He opened the little box and found................ " HAMBURGER NECKLACES! YOU ARE MY WIFE I LOVVE YOU SOO MUCHH!!!!" Niall said screaming happily.He put on his necklace. Then he turned my around, picked my hair up and put my necklace on. " So.. I'm guessing you like them." I said sarcasticly. Niall pulled me close. " This is the best gift I ever got." He said kissing me on the cheek.


Beth and I cleaned the house. Me and Beth haven't had girl time. " Wanna talk? " I asked Beth. " OMG Yes!! I can't wait until the wedding!We have to start planning it !!!" She said sitting down on the couch. We both talked all night about the wedding and honeymoon and how many kids we wanna have. I'm so glad I have a friend like Bethany.


~ Author's Notes~

Did You Guys like it??? Next chapter is going to suprise you like crazy.........;)

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