The Day We Fell In Love.... (A Harry Styles & Niall Horan Fanfic)

Bethany & Harmonie are 2 normal 17 teenage girls. They are crazy obsessed with the boy band One Direction. They get $4,000 for finding a missing pup, & get front row seat tickets. What will happen when one of them bumps into Niall Horan. Will they fall for each other? Read to find out more....

Written by: OneDirectionLover690 & my best friend


39. I'll Never Go

Beth's P.O.V

I woke up on the couch. I checked my phone for any new messages and I got one from my mom. 


I texted back.

Me: Call the police.

I took  my mom out of my contacts. Then I got up and got dressed. I curled my hair and put on my black skinny jeans and my dark blue tanktop and finished it with my All Stars. I took my car keys and drove to Harry's flat to see if he's ok. About 5 minutes later, I got to Harry's flat. I got out of my car and knocked on the door. Then I remembered that Harry gave me his keys. I unlocked the door and I saw that Harry was still sleepin on the couch. I went into his kitchen and make him coffee. I went up to him shaking him lightly. " Good morning Babe." I said softly. He woke up. " Good morning Love. When did you get here?" He said sitting. I took out the keys and jingled them. " Oh ok." He said. 

Harry's P.O.V

" So wanna go back to my place?" She asked as I finish my coffee." Uh sure just let me get dressed ok?" I said. Beth nodded. I went back in my room and got dressed. I went back to the living room with my wheel chair. God I hate that chair. Beth wheeled me out .she helped me into her car and put my wheel chair in the back. We drove to her house and I saw that there was a car in the driveway. I looked at Beth's face and she looked scared as heck. She helped my out and we went through the door. " WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!" Beth screamed at the lady sitting on the couch. " I wanted to see how you were." The woman said. " Harry this is my mother." Beth gritted through her teeth. " Hi, I'm Harry Styles." I said." Harry Styles? The boy on the posters in your room?" Beth's mom said turning to her daughter.

Beth's P.O.V

What the heck was she doing here and how did she freaking find me? " Bethany can we talk please?" My mother said sternly and started for the kitchen. I followed her. " I want to come home. " She said. " Ha,you're funny. I'm getting married." I said. She turned at that that last part. " You're what?" She said. " I'm getting married with Harry and you know what I'm 18 ,you're not in charge of me anymore. " I said confedently. She grabbed my hair and pulled it. " It's either you come home now or you're never coming home. " She said letting go of my hair. " I guess I'm not coming home." I said showing her to the door. She got in her car and drove off. I went back to the living room and saw Harry watching TV. " Sorry about that. " I said kissing him on the cheek. " It's fine. Is everything ok. He asked. " Yeah. " I said helping him to the couch." I love you. " He said kissing me. " I love you more. " I said smiling. I put on a movie but Harry and I fell asleep.


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