The Day We Fell In Love.... (A Harry Styles & Niall Horan Fanfic)

Bethany & Harmonie are 2 normal 17 teenage girls. They are crazy obsessed with the boy band One Direction. They get $4,000 for finding a missing pup, & get front row seat tickets. What will happen when one of them bumps into Niall Horan. Will they fall for each other? Read to find out more....

Written by: OneDirectionLover690 & my best friend


10. I Will Never Stop Loving You Part 1

Beth's P.O.V.
I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I was so happy because I got to see Harry again! I love Harry so much! I feel like this relationship is going to be magical! Right then my phone rang. It was a message from Harry.
Harry<3: Good Morning beautiful x
I smiled when I read that.
Beth Styles<3: Good morning handsome ;) what do you want to do today? x
Harry<3: Do you wanna come over my flat to watch movie all day? :) x
Beth Styles<3: I would love that! See you in 30 mins. :) x
Harry<3: Okay love, see you then x

I got up & went to the washroom. I turned on the warm water. I striped my clothes off & got into the shower. I let the warm water hit my back. I took the conditioner & massaged it around my hair. I rinsed it off my hair & washed my body. I turned off the water & got out. I dried myself & put the towel around my naked body. I went to my closet, I wanted to pick something cute but comfy. I got my pink v neck & gray sweatpants. I got a hair tie & tied my hair into a messy bun. I got a piece of paper & wrote Harmonie a note so when she wakes up she won't be worried. 


                                                    Dear Sleeping Beauty,
                                                       I'm going to Harry's for the day. If you
                                                    need anything just text me.

I put the note on the fridge & tiptoed out so I wouldn't wake Harmonie up. I went up to Harry's flat & knocked. Two seconds later Harry opened the door. 

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