The Day We Fell In Love.... (A Harry Styles & Niall Horan Fanfic)

Bethany & Harmonie are 2 normal 17 teenage girls. They are crazy obsessed with the boy band One Direction. They get $4,000 for finding a missing pup, & get front row seat tickets. What will happen when one of them bumps into Niall Horan. Will they fall for each other? Read to find out more....

Written by: OneDirectionLover690 & my best friend


44. Here Comes The Brides Part 1

Harmonie's P.O.V

The wedding is tommorow and everything is set. The guests are invited we have our bridesmaids and we have the perfect dresses. What could go wrong? I invited Beth,Danielle,Perrie and Eleanor for a sleepover. I would be having a bridal shower but that's just not my thing. 

I took a shower and got in my PJ's . I was wearing a fitted blue sleeved shirt and fluffy long pants and my hair was in a ponytail. After I got dressed I ordered 3 pizzas. I would invite Niall to eat but this is a girls sleepover. I think that Beth had good reason not to invite her mom to the party,after all she did fake her sickness and payed a guy to pretend to be a nurse. Poor Beth, went all the way to New Jersey to see her lying mom. Atleast she got to see her sister Julia. Gosh I love that girl! But not as much as Beth or Niall. Julia and her father were the only ones who got invited in their family. 

Beth's P.O.V 

I just got all the details that my sister and my dad are coming tomorrow. I'm gonna get married tomorrow with the boy of my dreams, sadly they have to go on tour in about 2 months. Sometimes I forget that they are famous. I take a shower and get dressed in a tank top and shorts. Then I left to go to Harmonie's house. 

I knocked on the door and Danielle opened the door. " Hey!! Everyone's here!" She said hugging me. " We also have someone here to see you." Harmonie said. " It better not be my mom." I said cringing.'' Dont worry it's not.'' Eleanor said. They brought me into the room and I stood there with my mouth opened at the sight of who I saw.

" SUPRIISEE!!!" My sister Julia said running over to hug me. She had changed in the last few years she'd been in college. She was wearing a varsity jacket with a navy blue tank top under , with a skirt and ankle boots, and her hair was curled with blonde dip dyed ends." Wow you changed." I said still in a bit of shock. '' Well yeah, after college i sorta became this. I less nerdy version of myself."She said. " Well you look great so not trying to be rude or anything but why are you here so early and where's dad?" I said. " Well dad's at you're place socializing with your fiance." She said bursting out laughing at the last part. " Dad? Harry? Social?" I asked in disbelief. That made everyone burst out laughing. Harmonie then stepped in because she was the only one who didnt laugh and knew how i felt. " OK OK now that we're done. LETS GOO EAT PIIZZZAAA!!!!!" She said screaming out the word pizza. We all said yes and sat down to watch a movie.

Julia's P.O.V

All the girls seemed really nice and I was glad to see Beth again. " OK so what movie do you guys wanna watch?'' Harmonie asked. " How about " 13 going on 30?" I asked. " Oooo I love that movie!!" Beth said. " I know." I said. The rest of the girls agreed and we watched the movie. When the movie ended everyone crowded around me. " So?" Eleanor asked she's actually a really sweet girl. " So What? I asked confused. " So how's life? School? Do you have a boyfriend? " Danielle, also very nice asked. " I actually do but if I tell you who you probably wouldn't believe me." I said. " Well now i really want to know who!"Perrie. who happens to be the nicest one said. " Ok well its the singer who sang boyfriend." I said giving them a hint. " They all exchanged looks. Them after a second of that they all burst out laughing. '' No im serious look." i took out my phone and showed them the picture of me and Justin. " How come both sisters are dating stars?" Perrie asked. " It runs in the family?" Beth said. " You said that wrong. you cant answer a question with another question." I said wishing I hadn't. " Here it goes again!" Beth and Harmonie said in unision. " See Julia one of those brainiacs who correct people." Beth explained. " OHHHHH."  They all say. After a few more minutes we went to sleep. 



Ok so I added a new character! And yes she is dating Justin Bieber. Julia is actually my real sister so yeah. This is part one!! Hope you guys like part 2!!! ~ Jackie

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