Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


9. Wood Fairies

          Silent fluttering wings, a swooping dive, then, all grace lost, a crash into the living room.
         "Pollen! I told you to be careful with that sap!"
         The small fairy flushed in embarrassment, trying to clean up the mess she made on the furnished floor. She was never very balanced; she was always the first to make a mess.
         "Hurry and clean it up or the giants will finds it and decide to poke our home full tubes again," Petal said, not looking up from her boiling pot of nectar. She spooned out a small warm mug. "The tea's done. Would you like some?"
         Pollen nodded, scrubbing the floor silently. She wished sap wasn't so sticky. Things would have been much easier.
         "I need you to go and get the new mugs I ordered from Red down at the shop, also," Petal added. "He said they just arrived today."
         Standing up slowly, her leaf dress peeling off the floor, Pollen grinned awkwardly. 
         "Sorry, Mum..."
         "Ah, love, don't worry," her mother grinned. "It's only sap after all. The tree will absorb it again."
         "'s oak sap...not maple," Pollen shrunk back, prepared for an explosion.
         "Calm down, dear," Petal nodded. "It's not a big deal."
         With a sigh of relief, Pollen brushed off her dress. 
         "Be careful on you way to Red's. It's giant season; do watch out." With a worried glance, Petal blew on her tea. "Come back soon, darling."
         With a single flutter of her delicate wings, Pollen shot through the wall like a ghost and set off to see Red.
         Pollen's home was an odd place. The forest was nice enough, but the sounds of industry were not far off. They seemed to get closer every year as the giants cut down more trees. Families were lost in the process because once a fairy home got cut down, the fairies inside were trapped, even if the wood was cut up and made into other things. Pollen shuddered at the thought. Being trapped in her own home forever was bad enough already!
         Her wings beat fast as she passed the houses all around her. Everyone in the forest knew each other. In fact, her best friend lived not far off. Red's house was about a 3 min flight, but for some reason, today, it seemed really far...
         She jolted at the sounds of leaves crackling.
         "Oo, this looks like a good spot."
         I was the giants! 
         Pollen shot into the nearest house, sliding into the living room of an old couple. They started, and looked down at her.
         "Lily! Maroon! The giants are here!"
         The man stood up suddenly. "What?! They aren't supposed to be here until next year!"
         Pollen gasped as stood up. "One has a saw!"
         Lily gasped. "What are we to do!"
         Maroon set his face in grim acceptance. "We have to get out."
         "But, Maroon...this is our home."
         "We have no choice..."
         The two were interuppted by a loud grinding noise.
         "They started sawing!" Pollen gasped. 
         "We have until the core is broken. We have to get out now."
         "Come on!" Pollen grasped Lily's arm and pulled.
         "I won't go without Maroon!"
         Pollen gasped and all three went silent as a loud cracking shook the tree. Slowly, the room tilted on its side, and everything slid to one half of the room. 
         Everything seemed to be floating for a breif second. Then a jolt. A crash. Silence.
         "The's fallen..."
         Realization struck Pollen like a brick wall.
         "WE'RE TRAPPED!"
         She raced around the room, knocking on the walls violently.
         "LET US OUT! MUM! DA! HELP!"
         "Pollen, dear...they can't hear you..."
         Pollen fell to the floor (more like the wall that had become a floor) in utter shock. That was it. She was trapped, and she would never get out. She would never see her mother, or father, or mother, or friends...again.
         "This...can't be happening..."
         "I'm sorry, love...I'm so sorry..."

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