Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


6. Utopia

          Living together.
         It was something that Mishiki never liked.
         She glanced out the window at the people working in the fields and groaned. This was not her place.
         The elders had told her that all the children were destined to work in the feilds. It was part of the Mashokan society. Everyone helped, everyone harvested, everyone lived together.
         It all seemed pointless to the girl as she sat on her cot in the clay hut.
         Suddenly, an outcry.
         "Curse you and your peasant ways! You shall all perish!"
         That was new. She sat at attention, staring at the man outside.
         "You shall all die." he added, stalking off.
         That's not something you see every day.

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