Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


11. The Tower

          Creaking boards, moldy walls, and a draft between the crack in the broken window. Nothing in it's right mind would venture up here.
         However, one thing did.
         A lone black feline paced down the hallway of the decrepit building, silent on it's dark paws. Not  single creak from the old floorboards was hear beneath it. It walked curiously, as if it had never seen a building like this before.
         In fact, that was true. For years the cat had walked by this place, glancing at it each time on it's way home. But it had never ventured in. Tonight, it had decided it was time for a visit.
         The house wasn't all that unnerving. The cat trotted to the end of the hallway where it turned right at the end. A long set of spiral stairs led up to the top where the old clock of the tower could be repaired and set. No one used this place anymore; there was a fully digital one recently constructed in town.
         Without a second thought, the cat proceeded up the stars, the rusting metal a good grip on its soft paws. Upon reaching the top, the only thing ahead was a single door. It was slightly open, and the feline's curiosity got the best of it and it slipped inside.
         The room was empty. The cat shrugged mentally and was about the leave when a sound caught its attention. It turned around and faced a giant figure.
         The hair raised on he cat's back, but it remained silent. This thing could be trouble.
         Suddenly, and without warning, the figure let out an eerie and piercing howl. The noise reverberated off the condemned walls, shaking them as if they were made of paper.
         The cat shot out like a rocket, a black blur in the night. The howl continued as the creature shot down the stairs in a matter of seconds. The door was a welcome site; it exited the building like a bullet.
         The howling continued for a few good minutes. The cat glanced up at the tower as the thing quieted down, and made a mental note to never visit it again. With that, it trotted for home, its back hairs still prickling in fear.

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