Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


12. The Rynriders

         "Attack off the eastern hills!"
         "Roger! Take the third squad!"
         Flapping wings, avian screeches, squawks, words of reassurance.
         "Calm down, Deror, we can make it. Don't worry."
         The Ryn calmed, pacing a bit.
         "Our turn will come soon."

         "Alright ladies," the gruff commander barked. In front of him stood a long line of new recruit Rynriders. "Everyone says you are the future of Fyr Laquir, but to me, you are all maggots barely worthy of my presence."
         Dyn'ari held back a laugh.
         "Dyn! Don't!" Rekim hissed, nudging him.
         "What?" the other boy replied innocently.
         "You two larvae got something to tell me?" the commander barked.
         "Nope, nope...nothing at all." Rekim said quickly.
         Dyn'ari still held back a laugh.
         "What is it, maggot?" the commander barked.
         " said maggot," Dyn'ari's face was turning pink from holding in laughter.
         "You think that's funny, larvae?"
         "Yes, I do," he chuckled softly, putting a hand over his mouth.
         "Well, you and your friend can laugh all you want while your scrubbing the floors in the latrines with a goddamn toothbrush!" As if by magic, a bucket, a bottle of solution, and two toothbrushes appeared in his hand which he promptly shoved in the boys' faces.
         "Have fun!" he winked.

         "I don't see how I got dragged into this," Rekim groaned.
         "You're the one that said something," Dyn'ari grinned. "You have to admit that maggot is a funny word to be calling future Rynriders."
         "Maggot is a funny word to call anyone," Rekim laughed.
         Dyn'ari gritted his teeth, scrubbing hard. It would be ages before they were done, then they would head to the barracks and sleep, then wake up again and start all over.
         "How did we get roped into this whole thing?" Dyn'ari asked, lancing at his friend.
         "It was your idea, loser," Rekim smiled, concentrating on the grout.
         In fact, that was the story for many of Fyr Lequir's Rynriders. Young men would become excited upon seeing the large birds fly through the air, dropping explosive onto the enemies, or jousting in the monthly matches, and the would rush off to join the force thinking it was all fun and games, when in reality it was very reminiscent of Earth's military.
         Earth's? Are we not talking about an earthly place? No, blessed reader, we are not. Welcome to the planet know as Canis Largos, located in the solar system Zero. It circulates around the star Sirius, or the Dog Star. When the humans of earth began to populate Canis Largos they quickly built up around he continent Fyr Lequir, oddly named for a process of fermenting beets during the alcohol shortage.
         The year is 3034 AD, Earth years. In Canis Largos years, it is but 300. A lot of Earthly things have made their way to Canis Largos including previously mentions bathroom tile. Sadly, electricity didnt make it. The Canis Largos landscape didn't seem to provide much for that.
         What do Rynriders do? They protect. They protect the human lands, though small, from the muderous alien beasts that wander the landscape and air of Fyr Lequir. When the humans arrived, this continent was the only one that seemed somewhat safe. Soon upon arrival, they encountered these large crane-like birds they called Ryn. These Ryn were friendly, and soon became domesticated to the point the humans could ride on them.
         As the culture developed, the humans began to learn more about the composition of the planet and went from dropping rocks and stabbing lances to small explosives.
         This is where our story picks up. Welcome to Fyr Lequir.

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