Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


25. The Rasha Dragon


          "Reports have gotten worse, Madriel."
          The middle-aged woman looked up from her desk, taking off her small reading glasses.
          "What reports are these, Hendrick?" she asked, both annoyed and concerned.
          "More people are disappearing at an alarming rate," the young man replied, his expression flustered.
          "It's not like the chief of police to get so upset," Madriel smiled, folding her fingers together, her elbows on the desk.
          "It's not like men, women, children, and dogs to disappear in the middle of the night unbeknownst to anyone on their whereabouts," Hendrik countered. He crossed his arms in slihgt annoyance, his face growing more red by the second.
          "Alright, alright," Madriel sighed. "I'll look into it."
          As the cheif Wizard of the Jokari sector, Madriel was in charge of well more than she could handle. She stood up, placing her reading glasses on the desk, becoming aware of the bustling around the office. Her Monarch Butterfly robe ruffled as she dusted it off, wishing the renovation of the building next door would finish. The loud hammers and grunts annoyed her to no end, but she knew it had to be done.
          Hendrick watched her for a minute, fully aware that she had a lot on her mind. These disappearances really worried him, his squads, and the whole city. He was concerned his old friend didn't seem to show much interest.
          "You have a night watch set?" she asked.
          He nodded. "Always, Madri."
          She gave him a sideways grin. "You havn't called me that in ages."
          He gave a small chuckle, his stomach lurching.
          "Don't worry, we'll solve this," she assured him. Looking over at her assitant, she added "Elena, fetch me the reference #98F, section A. The book should be something like 'Ghosts and Goblins: A practical guide.' Also fetch the one next to it. It should be relating to large beasts."
          The young girl, not older than seventeen, but appearing much older due to her silver-toned hair (which Madriel thought was very pretty and envied her for it), rushed to the dusty section of the office in between two long rows of book shelves. Emerging shortly after, she carried one very large book, bound in purple, and a second of half the size, red in color.
          With a loud clunk, they landed on the desk and a small tinkle of broken glass follow. Elena turned bright red in embarrassment.
          "Madam Madriel, I'm sorry...your glasses...."
          Madriel smiled. "It's alright. Here, watch." With a flick of her wrist, the broken spectacles emerged from under the huge books, floating next to the older woman. She clicked her fingers and instantly they were like brand new. In a shimmer of pale orange, she allowed them to float gentle back to the desk, next to the two books.
          Apologizing again, Elena bowed slightly and began to walk towards to shelves again.
          "Hold on, Elena, darling," Madriel said. "Please assist Sir Hendrick here."
          "How is that, Madam?" Elena asked.
          "Turn to page four hundred thirty-two in the largest book here," she replied, indicating the violet-bound book on the table.
          The old pages threatened to flake as Elena turned them. She proceeded with meager confidence until she reached the page.
          "'Common causes of disappearances without warning or knowledge of how are often caused by rasha or rogue spirits. These can take many forms, from babies, to animals, to even dragons,'" Elena read. "They can look like dragons?" she said, her eyes widening.
          Hendrick looked at his old friend for an answer. She nodded towards him.
          "Indeed. There have been a few rasha attacks in my day, before I was sent to this office job. It might pay better, but I always liked the fieldwork," she reminisced. "Ah, well for now, that is one possibility. Now check page one hundred and three in the other book, please."
          Elena nodded and opened the crimson reference. This one was more well-kept than its former.
          The page contained a large picture of a dragon, in color. The artist really put time into his work, showing each tendon and scale in great detail down the the eyelashes. It appeared to be white, nearly see-through.
          "The great Rasha of Kelnor caused many deaths, and was originally thought to be a real dragon. Later it was discovered it was a rasha after many knights had tried to slay it with little success."
          "'re saying it could be a rasha?" Hendrick blinked, his voice unbelieving.
          "It may very well be. That would explain how these supposedly random people are disappearing." She frowned, recalling another detail. "However, what you did not read is that most rasha tend to have a method. They chose living organisms that have something in common."
          "What do all these people have in common?" Elena asked.
          "That is what I would like to find out. Hendrick, can you get a list of all those that have disappeared so far, pets and known wild animals included?"
          "This may take a while," he replied, at least glad to have some direction.
          "Time is what we don't have a lot of," Madriel sighed.

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