Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


15. The Manger

         The wind blew the silence into every nook and cranny. Not even a cricket chirped. But, there was something about this silence, this darkness, this forest that was comforting, rather than terrifying.
         Something soft broke the stillness. A soft jingling; a bell. A small being emerged, skipping joyously in the darkness.
         In its hand, it held a light. This bright shining thing, a contrast to the darkness, lit up its childlike face as it pranced.
         All at once, the figure stopped. The candle flickered, but didn't go out. Softly, and without a word, it lit another candle that seemed to appear out of nowhere. 
         The new light, now a twin to its former, blazed brighter than the first. It sat on a stalk, seemingly made of a metal - a golden color, perhaps copper.
         The figure nodded, pleased with his work. He turned to look into the darkness, but before moving again, he lit yet another candle. With a soft giggle, he blew out the mother light and scampered away in the darkness.
         Two candles sat. Two lone lights in a silent wood. It was as if they stood, guarding something.
         Suddenly, the sound of marching feet. The leaves crackled underneath. As if they had been called, a parade of soldiers dressed in red, halberds set over their shoulders, marched forward in the darkness, guided by the two lights.
         As they approached, two more candles came to light as if by magic. But, those that listened closely could have heard the faint jingling of bells akin to their predecessor.
         The parade halted in front of the candles, now making a sort of small entry point to whatever lay beyond. Two smaller soldiers, perhaps younger of them, stepped forward to light two more candles.
          Six candles, now standing in front of something yet unknown, glowed in the darkness. The soldiers stood in two lines, waiting faithfully.
         Next that followed was a faint singing. The sound wound its way around the trunks of the trees like vines, reaching the ears of the soldiers. The reaction that followed was nothing more than a scarce smile from a few of the less experienced men. 
         The sound grew louder and more joyous as the source grew closer, though t could still not be seen. Not until it was very near did the soldiers see what it was: a chior of noblewomen, all dressed in glorious gowns, singing softly to contrast the silence of the forest.
         One might ask what such women were doing in such a place, but the soldiers didn't. They were expected.
         The remaining candles fell in line, each gaining their own light. Those present gazed at the scene. Two figures knelt before a trough, lined with hay, which held a small child. They moved not, almost as if they were statues.
         The women began to sing softly again, as if it were a lullaby. The pair glanced up and smiled thankfully, then looked back at the sleeping child.
         Suddenly, without warning, all of the candles were snuffed out, leaving the forest once again in silence. No sound was heard, no lights shone. It was almost as if the previous even had never happened.
         One sound rang out, soft and simple. It was the sound of jingling bells, and a soft giggle.

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