Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


37. The Man, The Witch, The Vat


          "How did I get here?"
          The movie theater was dark as I looked around.
          "Sh! The movie's starting!" someone hissed beside me. Something told me this was a school field trip, but I swore I'd been out of school for a almost 6 months.
          Sitting silently, the movie began to roll. The scene played out and I could tell it was a horror movie. I hated horror movies. Why were we here? 
          I didn't catch the name of the movie, but it was about a man that wished to remove all all evil from the world. To do this, he had captured a little girl. She was about twelve, from the looks of her. As the movie played, he removed her eyeballs so she could see no evil. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see this but I still heard her screaming. I opened my eyes at one point and saw a bag of yellowed eyeballs. It looked as if the man was collecting them. In addition to that, he removed all of her teeth so she couldn't get cavities. I heard the man ask her how she felt, and she couldn't answer in an understandable sentence because she had no teeth. I was horrified. 
          I didn't want to hear it anymore. With a scream, I lept at the screen and suddenly found myself in the movie. I was going to save the little girl!
          The room was a giant cage. There were two levels of the cage, but I dared not go inside. The girl and the man seemed to have disappeared. In their place, a very old woman that on instinct I knew was a witch. Perhaps it was the giant cauldron she spoke of.
          "You have let me prey escape!" she roared. He voice sounded like crackling cellophane and her breath smelled of old mustard. I wasn't sure what she meant, but I said nothing and sat at the top of the cage, looking down at her. "For that you will pay!"
          Without warning, she began to push a spike-lined section of cage toward me, wiht intention to pierce me with all of the spikes. Without a single twitch, I leapt over it and landed next to her.
          "How dare you?" she growled. "In order to restore balance, your life must be taken. Why are you denying your fate?"
          Confused, I looked at her. Her crackling voice continued.
          "In order to prevent disaster, you must give your life to me. You will fall into a vat of scaling hot water to make my gummy snacks."
          Gummy snacks? I thought. Out of people?
          Suddenly I found myself in a suite dorm. There were six rooms, and I seemed to know all the people. All of them were females. One was Celina, my friend from California who I planned to visit someday. Another was an old friend from high school I had lost touch with named Jamie. She and another girl stepped out of their room and I was surprised to see they looked exactly alike. I wondered if Jamie had a identical twin she never told me about.
          I explained the situation to all the girls, but no one seemed to believe me. I saw Celina and she was happy to see me, but then disappeared. I told her roommate to take my purse and make sure Celina got it because I wouldn't be back. A few of the girls scoffed and told me to stop being dramatic.
          "Have a nice life," I said solemnly, leaving the hall. I heard a few more scoffs behind me, but ignored them as I entered the candy shop I was to meet my end.
          As the witch instructed, I was to stand on the green circle near the door and wait for the trap door to open so I could fall to my death, and in turn, be turned into fruit-slice-shaped gummy snacks. I was still confused as to how I was to become these snacks, but I waited anyway.
          With a crack, the door below me popped open, but on instinct I leapt out of the way. When I realized what I had done, staring down at the vat below the floor, I began to panic. The girls from the dorm room suite began to appear around me, shuffling in from another door on the other side of the room.
          "I thought you were supposed to be dead now," one stated. I didn't recognize her at all.
          "I thought so, too," I explained.
          The front door that stood right in front of the vat began to shake with knocks. Careful to walk around the hole, I opened the door and much to my initial surprise, which soon turned into confusion and dismay, a hundred children poured into the room and fell right into the vat, immediately turning into green fruit slice gummy snacks.
          Stunned at what had just happened, I blinked at the vat that contained nearly a ton of the snacks.
          "We should add flavor and the witch will never know it isn't you," one girl suggested.
          Not knowing what else to say I agreed.
          "How about the mango flavor? Celina likes that." Not knowing why I suggested it, seeing as these snacks were once children, I blinked at my reaction.
          "We can't make them mango-flavored," a girl explained. "They are green. She'll know something is up." With that, she searched the top shelf for the green apple flavor and upon agreeing between us, it was deposited into the vat.
          Then, I woke up.

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