Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


59. The Letu Girl

         Long ago, in the land of Inr, there lived a proud race of people known as the Letu.  They were fair-skinned, green-eyed, and fierce in battle, and they sought to conquer all of Inr with their powers over nature itself. They fought many nations: the swarthy Lok - skilled in the art of weapons and the forge, the tree-like El - tall and fierce when defending their homes, and the quick-witted and agile Jin - skiled in martial arts of all kinds and recognizable by their almond-shaped eyes and small stature.
         But the Letu did not last forever. The ages came and went, and the races intermingled, skewing the lines between nations. The power the Letu once held were replaced by elected officials and respected elders depending on the nations they resided in. The Lok nations still maintained their skill with the forge, the Jin still maintained their skill with the martial arts, and the El continued to maintain their defensive qualities even if their tree-like state had faded greatly. But the Letu, due to their call to remain "pure," slowly began to die out.
         The people of the Letu nations began to leave for many reasons. Most of them included the lack of willingness the change. But either way, the power the Letu once held over the forces of nature began to wane.
         While there were still those Letu that left, their bloodlines still contained the power over nature the original Letu once held, and every few generations, a special child was born that held a small part of this power. These children could manipulate a part of nature to their liking, and they became known as the Letuq. As these children grew, they learned how to use their gifts to assist themselves or others. Most were sent to special schools to train them in the art of combat and were hired into government positions in the national defense industry.
         But, even as the years went on, the Letu nation still existed. Though it was hidden deep in the lands of the north to protect itself from the "mixed" races, it still contained the few that had not strayed from the blood lines. The last remnants of a dying nation lived in a massive palace, the last remaining structure of the once great Letu. To protect themselves from ousiders, they constructed a magical barrier in the sea surrounding their home. It is said that only those posessing all the powers of the Letu could pass it, and only those that lived in their homeland possessed such power. No Letuq had yet come through.
         There were still many Letu left, for Letu had a lifespan three times that of any other nation. Some say it is because of their power over nature, but no one knows for sure. Even so, a child was a rare thing in the land of the Letu, and it took them many years to grow up, so every birth was a celebration of epic proportions.
         These Letu, ancient and young at the same time, lived in ignorance of the rest of the world. They had everything they needed, and what they didn't, they could acquire using their powers over nature.
         And thus, the Letu lived.
         But one female child, born in the summer of the 100th year since isolation, sought to learn about the world outside. Though she was told to not worry about it, her intense curiosity made her want to leave even more. The Letu nation was dying, and she knew it. She wanted them to return to their former glory and bring them back into the world of Inr. This is where her story begins.

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