Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


17. The Land of Imagina


Date: Seventh Day of Spellna, year 432 of the Imagina Calendar, year of the Bearcat.
Time: 8:45am, Middle Standard Time

          "What is this?"
          Sun filtered through the curtains, leaving a soft blue glow on the crib below. A small baby girl dressed in a pastel yellow single piece pajamas drooled on her pillow. She was clutching something fuzzy and brown that appeared to be sleeping just as peacefully as she was.
          "This is the third time this week!" the man said, plucking the dragon-cat from the infant's grip. It made a small mew in protest. The man gritted his teeth, hoping the baby would continue to sleep.
           His wishes were crushed when the tiny eyes opened. He made an effort to hide the creature, but simply wasn't fast enough.
          "Here comes the wailing...!" the man said, preparing for the noise.
          The infant's face contorted in preparation for the noise. What unleashed next was a wail of epic proportions that nearly shook the windows loose.
          Rapid stomping followed up the stairs.
          "What happened?" the woman nearly screamed.
          The man turned rapidly, a guilty expression on his face. The wailing continued as he held the dragon-kitten in his hands.
          "Oh, not again," she replied, rolling her eyes. "Rynesti, honey," she cooed, picking the baby up. "You can't keep making these things while you sleep." She bounced up and down, trying to sooth the crying.
          "What should I do with it?" the man asked, holding the distressed kitten.
          "We have to put it in the woods," she replied, still bouncing he quieting baby. "There are plenty more of them around."
          With a sigh, the man descended the stairs, sliding open the door.
          "Go on, little guy. There's some tiger-aardvarks and fly-cats out there you can join." He gave the small creature a tiny shove. Reluctantly, the mewling creature paced off into the forest awkwardly.
          The man stood up, rubbing the back of his neck. "I hope this is a good thing," he mused. "She seems to have a new animal next to her every day..."

Date: Twentieth Day of Korswic, year 437 of the Imagina Calendar, year of the Cockatrice.
Time: 3:21Pm, Middle Standard Time

          "How was your first day of school, Ryn?"
          The girl, now five years of age, skipped next to her mother as they walked home from the elementary school. Her dark hair, cut short around her ears (which saved her mother a good twenty minutes de-tangling time every morning) bounced as she walked. Her coat hung open in the crisp autumn. It had rained earlier that day, but the sun now filtered through the trees above.
          "It was really fun," the girl replied, slowing to a walk. She didn't look at her mother, but rather watched a caterpillar make its way across the path. "I met a girl there named Lime! She was really nice."
          "Lime? What an odd name."
          The girl looked up at her mother a smiled. "That's not her real name, everyone just calls her that."
          "Oh, I see!" her mother replied. "That is a very cute name then!"
          They arrived at the house a few moments later. It was a humble house, and much like the other houses in Tela, it was a tree house. The older woman walked to the side of the tree and untied a lever. Pulling it down, a soft cranking noise followed and soon a wooden lift descended.
          She stepped inside and waited for her daughter. When the younger girl didn't move, she tilted her head.
          "Aren't you getting inside, Rynesti?"
          Ryn shook her head. "I want to take the ladder today like a big girl!"
          The woman furrowed her brow in concern, then sighed lightly. "Alright, but just for today." She stepped out of the lift and untied the ladder end. The rope was rough and old, but strong enough for Dad, so it should hold a young girl, she reasoned.
          Ryn grinned and began climbing up the ladder. It was a little tougher than she imagined, and their horse was just as high as the rest (which could sometimes mean about 4 stories up), but she knew she could make it.
          Her mother rode the lift up slowly, making sure to keep paces with her daughter. She was worried, but Ryn would be ok.
          An expression of proud determination on her face, the young girl climbed on. Each movement was tricky, but she liked the challenge.
          A soft noise. She looked down to see a rung slowly developing a crack. She thought nothing of it, and pushed off to the next rung.
          The next one cracked. She felt a surge of panic, but tried to keep calm. She couldn't let her mother know she was scared!
          Suddenly, the run broke. She grasped the next one tightly, and tried to reach up wiht her knee to the next one.
          The was nothign here. She ehard her mother yell and air rush by. She was falling.
          Her mind raced. The wind whipped by her, making her hair flash about. She didn;t move, even though she had fallen from three stories up. If she moved something might go wrong.
          I wish I had wings...! she pleaded. I could fly and be safe!
          Suddenly, she stopped falling. She had landed on something soft. Her small hands felt the resilient object underneath her, and it was moving through the air.
          She gripped the thing and tried turning over.
          It was a bird! A very large one at that.
          "What do you think you are doing?"
          "Did you just talk?"
          "Of course I did. You made it so I could."
          "I made it...?"
          "Do you not understand your own abilities? YOu made me. I was born exactly 3.14 seconds ago."
          "But you are a grown-up."
          "You made me that way."
          The bird landed and the girl rolled off. Her mother raced toward her nearly yelling.
          "Mommy, I'm ok. Mr. Arog saved me!"
          "Arog?" the woman asked, frantically picking up the girl and hugging her tight. "How do you know that's his name?"
          "I just know," she replied, clinging to her mother's neck. "I know because I made him."
          The woman held the girl in front of her and raised en eyebrow. "You...made him?"
          "He says I did. He says I made it so he could talk, too!"
          The bird nodded. "I thank you for life. Now I shall be on my way. I have a lot to learn if I am to survive."
          "Wait," the woman set the girl down and held out a hand to the avian. "Why don't you stay at the house for tonight. At least let me give you a meal."
          The bird bowed low. "It would be an honor."
          "We can keep him, Mommy?"
          "Well, we will see..." she replied.

Date: Fourth Day of Gelderbroc, year 447 of the Imagina Calendar, year of the Rabbitcat.
Time: 8:21 Am, Middle Standard Time

          "What's that?"
          The girl's brown eyes peered out the window, nearly ten feet off the snow-covered ground. A small creature, about the size of a hound dog, shivered below the neighbor's tree house. Its short fur did nothing to protect it from the even mild winter Tela and the other suburbs of Jun had. The forest region was one of the warmest climates in Imagina, but the small dusting of snow they usually got was enough to make something with next to no fur shiver considerably.
          Her mother peered out the window as well, placing a hand on her fifteen-year-old daughter's shoulder, now nearly as tall as she was. 
          "It looks like a deer of some sort," she replied.
          "It looks cold. Can I go help it?" Ryn asked.
          "Alright you can go take a look, but wrap up good, okay? Wash your hands after in case it has mites."
          Excitedly, Rynesti slipped on her boots without even bothering with socks. Flying to her room, she threw on a sweatshirt and a light scarf, flying down the ladder that lead to the ground below.
          The creature, surprised by the flurry of motion and noise, shrunk back against the trunk of the massive Lirtai tree, its leaves the pale blue of the winter season. It had appeared a bit bigger than she expected, but she approached slowly, cooing to it quietly. Its fawn-colored wings drooped almost sadly, and looked a little tattered.
          Without warning, the creature leaped up and took tail to the thick forest around the village. Rynesti frowned.
          "What happened?" he mother called from above.
          "It ran away," she said, sadly. "Maybe if we leave some food out for it, it'll be ok."
          "Do you know what it was?"
          "It looked like a deer with wings that matched its fur," Rynesti replied, climbing the ladder.
          "Then some berries should be ok," her mother replied, handing the girl a small bowl of blackberries. "You can go put them down there."
          As she climbed back down, the creature peered out through the trees. It watched the girl gingerly place the bowl on the power-dusted forest floor and ascend the ladder once more. It waited until she was all the way up again and the door was shut before it approached the bowl.
          Taking a few whiffs, it lapped up a single berry with its small, blue tongue. Chewing delicately, it took a larger bit the second time, ingesting the entire bowl in a matter of seconds.
          Rynesti smiled, watching from the window.
          "Someday I'll save all the animals," she stated, turning towar dher mother, who was reading a rather large novel about the living habits of greenrats and porkmice. 
          "I'm sure you will, dear," her mother replied.

Date: Seventh Day of Gelderbroc, year 447 of the Imagina Calendar, year of the Rabbitcat.
Time: 11:13 Am, Middle Standard Time

          "Lime!" Rynesti called to her friend. They had planned to meet for lunch in downtown Jun to celebrate Lymesti's birthday. Their parents had each given them fifteen del for a small lunch and a shopping spree in the city.
          "Ryn! I'm so glad you made it. I was worried you'd get lost on your own," Lymesti said, spotting her friend.
          "Oh, silly. I would have send you a pidgeonlark if I was. I have a really good one named Lourdes. He's very reliable and knows everyone around. I think someone shoved a whole phone book in his head."
          "Enough about that!" Lymesti giggled. "Let's go get some food!"
          Rynesti grinned. If there is anything Lime was excited about, it was food.
          "Where do you want to eat?" Rynesti asked.

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