Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


2. The Ducks of Muskie Pond

          The day was rainy as he remembered. The sky was dark, but the sun peeked through in a few spots as if reminding him the clouds would not stay. He waddled over to his companion, wondering the same thing he was.           "She hasn't been here for months."

          "I know. I wonder if she's okay."

          The pair waddled over to the pond, hopping into the cold water.

          "The sun is rising earlier, so the weather should be getting warmer."

          "Of course, Fless," the second replied. "Only another three months before the small ones return. That means more competition for the bread."

          "Rill, stop being so negative," Fless smiled.

          "I like my bread" Rill honked.

          The two geese paddled in the slow-moving current on the Muskie pond. They had spent every waking moment together since they were hatched. When all of their siblings left, they never had the urge to, and settled in to Muskie pond.           The only other permanent resident was Queenie, the black feathered goose with a bum wing and deformed feet. She was much older than the two boys, and more cranky, but she was closer to the Bread Girl and would even eat from her hand. Every year the three geese watched as the young ducklings grow older and leave as they grew more ancient with the seasons.

          The two white geese enjoyed their time together as the seasons went on, watching students file off to classes, coffee and muffin in hand, catching a quick breakfast. Occasionally they would drop some for the three of them, but the best time of day was when Bread Girl would com share her lunch with them. At one point, Rill had actually sat in her lap.           But since then, Bread Girl had stopped coming.

          Queenie plopped into the water behind them, quacking softly.

          "No sign of her?"

          "Nope, not today either," Fless replied.


            The sun sunk fast, and the three waddled to their pine grove by the pond side. They were just settling down, Fless snuggling up to Rill, when suddenly, Fless shot up in attention. His sibling watched curiously.

          "What's wrong, Fless?"

          "I heard something." He jerked his head around quickly, shooting from left to right.

          "Calm down and go back to sleep, stupid."

          Fless ignored his brother's urgings and waddled away from the pond.

          "What is he doing...?" Rill stood up and followed slowly.

          Queenie was wake by now, watching the pair. "Youngins'. They better get back to sleep soon. The minnows spawn tomorrow."

          Fless continued to waddle blindly in the dark, draw by some unseen force. He was getting dangerously close to the Place Where Roaring Monsters Run Swiftly.

          "Fless! What are you doing?"

          "Rill, look."

          The sound of a monster sounded in the distance, the roar of its motor drawing closer.

          "Fless! A monster is coming!"

          "But, Rill, it's so shiny. We must have it."

          The monster's eyes glowed, growing closer.

          "Fless! It's coming!"



          The monster roared, then blared it's call. It didn't stop, not even when it's wheels drove over Fless.


          Rill dashed over to his brother's body.

          "You're so stupid, Fless! Why didn't you listen to me?!" he yelled, tears streaming from his eyes. He halfheartedly kicked Fless's now lifeless body. "Why?!"

          "Rill, dear, we have to get out of the road in case more come," Queenie said softly, nudging him with her beak.           Rill clenched his beak, tears streaming down his face. He let Queenie shove him back to the tree grove in a daze.          

          "It's alright, dear," she said, snuggling up to him. "Everyone has to go sometime."


          The weeks passed, and Rill went through in a daze. All he could think about was his brother's death. Queenie often had to remind him what he was supposed to be doing.

          The two avoided their grove of trees; Rill simply didn't go there. Queenie began to worry about the young goose. A visit from Bread Girl could cheer him up, but she hadn't come in months.

          "Rill, you have to eat." She pushed a small fish toward him.

          "I'm...not hungry," he said plainly.

          "Rill, you listen to me and you listen good." She fluffed up her feathers agitatedly. "I know you are upset about Fless, but you have to move on. Your brother wouldn't be happy to see you mourning for so long."

          Rill watched the old goose. She had a point.

          "He would want you to be happy. You two were very close and he's not going to leave you alone. Didn't your mother teach you anything?"

          Rill shifted uncomfortably.

          "Now are you going to help me?" Queenie shuffled away in the waning light, flopping into the pond.

          Rill thought about what she had said. Fless had always been the more positive one.  He always knew what to say.           "Coming," he said, standing up and waddling over.


          "Now that's more like it," she smiled.

            "Winter's over," the student observed. She slung her backpack over her shoulder. "I really was a hermit during the cold season."

          She yawned. Next time she wouldn't stay up so late.

          "Hmmm," she said, shuffling through her pockets. She grinned, finding a five. "I knew I had something in there."           She shuffled down the stairs of the BOC and grabbed a sandwich from the snack shop.

          "It's been a while since I had one of these," She turned over the sub in her hands, thinking of the ducks. Yes, today she would return to them.


          "Who is that?"

          Queenie's head shot up, looking in the direction Rill indicated. Someone was walking over the bridge, holding a sandwich and waving it around.

          "Is that her?"

          "She hasn't been here for months."

          The girl approached the cautious geese. She wasn't surprised at their skittishness. She hadn't shared lunch with them since the night Rill had sat in her lap.

          She set her bag down and unwrapped her sandwich.

          "Come on," she said gently, flicking its of bread at them.

          "It's her!" Rill dashed to the girl, quacking gleefully. Queenie just smiled and followed at a distance. Taking care of Rill had given her the motherly role she never had, and for that she was thankful.

          Rill quacked, recieving bread from Bread Girl. She smiled.

          "It's good that you are ok," she grinned. "It's been months, and it's good to see how you are holding up." She knew the duck couldn't understand her, but she spoke none-the-less.

          Rill simply quacked happily. Fless would be happy to see him now. Bread Girl had returned.

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