Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


62. The Bald Man

Aroche knew something was wrong. The car was making very strange noises. She knew what I broken muffler sounded like, but this was something else.
         With no other option, she stopped at the side of the road. It was getting dark and she was only halfway to the next motel.
         "Gon-farnit!" she exclaimed, flipping up the hood. "What is this thang doin'?"
         She didn't see anything at first. Everything seemed in order. She checked the oil and coolant - all fine. Timing belt? Battery? Those were fine, too.
         "N'kay, what is wrong with you, stupid car?" she grumbled. Leaving the hood open, she went back to the driver seat and started it again to see if it still made the strange noise.
         Yup, there it was. It sounded like something scraping against gravel.
         An angry racoon ran by, making a chittering noise. She jumped, banging her head of the hood. She cursed a few times and rubbed her head. An owl hooted in the distance.
         It was just then she realized just how quiet it was. There was not a single other car on the road. This was the middle of Indiana. It wasn't that dead out here, was it?
         Something wasn't right. There was no reason for her car to be making this noise. There was also no reason for the roads to be empty. It was the middle of summer. Weren't people going on vacation now?
         The grinding sound in the car stopped, as did the engine itself. She wasn't out of gas was she? She tried starting the car, but it didn't even rev.
         "Cell phone," she said to herself, grabbing it from the car. But it wasn't even on. Did she turn it off? She didn't remember doing so. "Dang thang. Turn on fer Chris sake."
         "Who is Chris?"
         She yelped, turning around to face an unfamiliar face of a tall man in a dark suit. He was completely bald and had a nose that could cut glass. His chin was much the same. It was like his face was made of very jagged triangles.
         "Shhh," he said, putting a single finger on her lips. "Now come with me."
         He took off running, seemingly expecting her to follow. Without thinking, she raced after him.
         She felt like she'd run for miles, hardly able to breathe when they finally stopped. A single and ancient barn stood off the side of the road, which no longer was paved.
         "Wh-why did you so far?" she demanded, collapsing. "What the tang-farnit is goin' on?"
         "This," the man said, opening the barn door slowly. "This is why."

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