Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


43. Spiders?


          A feminine screech sounded from the room down the hall and I jumped. Then I wondered who had in fact made it, seeing as the tenant down the hall was a large black man. I blinked a few times, coming to the conclusion that a woman he brought over was deathly scared of something in the room.
          A little curious, I opened the door to my apartment, room 3C. The room across the hall, 3B, was wide open, and a backpack was left on the floor as if the owner dropped it in haste.
          "Everything alright?" I asked, peering into the room. The man's back was turned to me, but there was no woman nearby. Who could have made that sound then?
          The man turned, an expression of disgust and fear plastered on his face. He rushed toward me almost daintily and cling to me like flypaper.
          "The spider!" he squealed, his falsetto sound alien coming from his mouth. Normally he had a much deeper and manly tone.
          "Are you scared...of spiders?" I asked, stunned.
          "Oh my gosh, they are so icky and creepy!" he protested, hiding behind me. "There it is!" He jabbed his shaking finger at the small black spot on the carpet.
          "Are you kidding me? It's so tiny!" I argued, turning to look at him.
          "Eek! It's moving! Get it out!" he squealed.
          Rolling my eyes, I picked up the tiny spider and set it outside on the porch. Though it was the third floor, I knew it would be fine. Coming back in I stubbed my toe on the step up from the porch.
          "Ouch!" I said quietly, not thinking much of it.
          "Oh my gosh, did it bite you?" the man asked, concerned.
          Suddenly I got an idea.
          "Yes!" I gasped. "I feel faint!" I pretended to appear weak, putting my hand on my forehead.
          "AHH! No! I'll call 911! I told you spiders are evil!" he shrieked, racing toward to phone.
          "Oh stop it!" I replied, laughing, slumping onto one of his chairs. "You really need to get over that fear."
          "But...SPIDERS!" he argued, flailing his arms around.
          "You can owe me. I expect payment in perogies," I added, waving a hand is dismissal.
          "Can I call you over next time I have a spider?" I heard his say as I opened my door.
          "Sure thing," I called back.
          "What about scorpions? Can you handle them?"
          "Uh sure," I called back, thinking it was rather an odd request.
          "How about chimpanzees?"
          "Don't make me let loose some crickets and mice all over your apartment!" I threatened.
          A shriek came in reply and I grinned.

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