Just a collection of various stories I began with no intention to finish, or answers to writing prompts. Enjoy! Please visit my author page on FB! Also note, some of these may be removed later if I feel the urge to expand on them!


26. Monster Mommy


          She looked out the window; the rain fell in sheets, its silvery aura making the world look like a glass mirror. The sound was muffled only by the closed window and the curtains. She shivered, looking down at her bare toes, the multicolored blanket wrapped around her.
          The yellow color of the incandescent bulb beneath the lamp shade flickered. It was an eerie feeling, but she shook her head to clear it. The television news anchor started talking about something she wasn't particularly interested in. She looked away, wondering how many times he had said the same thing in the last hour.
          "Today, a young man was arrested under charges of assault from gunfire downtown," the anchor continued. "Cara has more on the story, on the scene."
          The typical scene change, followed by a brief pause. However, no one came into view on the screen. The camera sat in an awkward position. The left side appeared to be out of focus concrete, the right a generic white that could have been anything from a building to the afternoon sky.
          "Cara?" the news anchor asked off-screen.
          No reply.
          "Well, it appears we're experiencing some technical difficulties," the man replied. "We'll get back to that-"
          Suddenly, the camera crashed to the studio floor. The television displayed a blue carpeted right right and a blurring foot, which she reasoned was the camera man's shoe. An odd groan-scream followed and the "We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by." screen followed.
          What an odd night, she reasoned, wrapping the blanket more tightly around her.
          I thump came from the kitchen. She was surprised, but didn't react. She was more interested in staying warm. She stood up and checked the thermostat. It read 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which confused her. She simply couldn't get warm.
          Another thump, followed by some broken glass. Not sure what to expect, though calm as ever, she peered out into the hallway, but didn't bother to stand up. She closed her eyes, debating a nap.
          Heavy breathing, now. She ignored it as well in favor of a nap.
          I have come for my payment...
          Opening her eyes, she slowly sat up. Before her stood the most hideous creature she had even laid eyes on. The monster bared its teeth, a tall skinny figure, a snout like a dog, eyes like an aye-aye, ears like a cat, and a think coat of dripping slime running down its entire being.
          GIVE ME MY PAYMENT, it demanded in an unheard voice.
          Without so much as batting an eyelash she looked at the creature and replied.
          "I gave you your allowance yesterday. And what have a told you about eating news anchors?"
          The creature relaxed, becoming much less threatening and frowned.
          Oh...sorry, Mom, it replied, rubbing the back of its nex in embarassment. 
          "I'm not your mom, dammit!" the girl replied, slightly annoyed. "Stop calling me that. And stop eating news anchors."
          But they annoy you so much I figured I could take care of them for you.
          "That's not socially acceptable, Baily. Now go to your room."
          Alright. he sighed, turning towards the hall. He trudged up the stairs menacingly, leaving slimy footprints all the way up.
          That damn monster needs to learn to respect people better she thought. How is he ever going to get anywhere as a lab creation?

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